The Gift of Language Beats Chocolate this Easter

European Day of Languages 2019

A new language – the gift that is surprising, useful, fun and an Easter present that is guaranteed to have less calories!

Easter is a very special time of year in many different cultures. Most of us associate eggs, bunnies and chicks with this particular celebration but there is so much more to it, and all of it is tied up with culture.

Culture and language go hand in hand, which makes learning a language and making the effort to understand other cultures particularly relevant at this time of the year.

‘Learning a language’ is becoming increasingly popular, and is featuring on many gift lists, whatever the occasion. However, when you learn on Cudoo, you unlock free access to the world’s underprivileged, which makes it even more special!

Here are our top 5 reasons to switch out the chocolate and gift a language to your loved ones this Easter:

1. Expand I.Q and explore new cultures

Experts have proven that people who are open to acquiring knowledge about other cultures and learning a language outside their comfort zone are more intelligent. They engage a larger part of their brains, which in turn results in a slow down in ageing, increased attention span, better observation skills and improved use of most body senses. In general, engaging with a bilingual or multilingual individual appears more exciting.

Languages also go hand-in-hand with understanding different cultures. As a result, acquiring a new language will help individuals to become more accommodating of different people and their customs. One may seem well travelled just by attempting to learn a new language. For this reason, a gift of foreign tongue may entice a loved one to expand their horizons and give them a confidence boost at social gatherings.

It may even give a trip to the local Italian or Indian restaurant an entirely new appeal!

2. Great asset while traveling

Traveling to a foreign country may seem uncomfortable, especially if you are worried about language barriers. If a loved one or friend plans to travel abroad, “gifting” the chance to learn the language before they go is a great option and will be incredibly worthwhile!  It may be a short and quick language course at your local institute or an online, self-study program; a few words in the local language of the country will give them enough knowledge to communicate at a basic level during their travels, plus make traveling more fun.

The gift of language may also accompany a travel package! In this case, gift your family with that trip they have longed for and accompany it with the communication tools that will ensure they enjoy the adventure.lan

3. Increase chances to get that dream job

If you have seen someone close to you sending numerous job applications without success, the one desirable quality they may be missing is a ‘second language’. This holiday, surprise them with an exciting opportunity to polish their CVs and become visible to the employer by becoming ‘bilingual’, and therefore putting themselves ahead of the game.

Studying a new language not only equips one with international communication skills, it also opens up chances of networking with similar minded people. Employers also look for individuals with ‘global skills’ for overseas assignments. Your loved one, friend or favorite colleague may not realize this at first, but your gift this holiday season could literally open up new and exciting possibilities for them.

4. Boost confidence and develop a new hobby

If someone you know faces challenges in making new friends while engaging in social gatherings or starting conversations, giving them the added skill of a second language may just be the solution. Studies reveal that acquiring a new language will often come with added knowledge in other areas, and enable them to break down barriers in their personal and professional relationships. This may just provide them with just the boost they needed!

Individuals can be perceived as knowledgeable and ‘worldly wise’ just by demonstrating that they understand and appreciate different cultures. The simple act of giving a Language Course to a friend may help discover a new talent jump into a brand new hobby. More often than not, beginning to learn a language comes with the discovery that you may like to undertake additional self-development, or explore business opportunities overseas.

hablas espanol-.jpg

5. Set new challenges

Encourage them to go beyond their boundaries and discover new inner strengths by simply giving them a gift voucher to learn a language. Let them select their ‘language of choice’. It may be the key to discovering potential that has never been explored. Who knows, you may help them unlock the genius within!

Studies carried out across different countries globally show that more than 50 percent of the world population are either bilingual or multilingual, being able to engage in more than one language within and outside their homes. This greatly advances globalization and opens up actual and virtual borders, which in-turn has the added advantage of enabling new opportunities.

So, go ahead, give a loved one, friend or cool colleague the life changing ‘gift of language’ this Easter, and enrich their lives for the better!

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Moaz Khan

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