Why Language Learning Shouldn’t Be A New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of the year again. Be it social media, your local newspaper or even your closest buddy. They’re all on about their New Year’s resolution. From exercising more to spending less, the resolutions are as diverse as the people that make them. Learning a language shouldn’t be one of them.

Here are 7 reasons why language learning is for life and not just for the 1st of January.

two-men-having-a-conversationIt’s something you are already doing subconsciously and continuously

Be it the gym or your local grocery store, we are bound to meet people from other cultures and nationalities from around the world. We are subconsciously learning new words in a new language every day.

If you’re an expat living in a foreign country, think about your first time in the country and then think about the present day. How many words have you picked up from a language that you never speak?

Brain-Based research conducted by Kara Morgan-Short — professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago, showed that individuals who immerse themselves in the language learn faster than those that are given instructions to learn the language. Six months on and they were still able to retain the information, despite the lack of exposure on a daily basis.

rubiks-cubeIT’s A workout for Your brain

Everyone knows about the importance of being physically fit. You spend hours in the gym lifting weights or maybe you’re more of a jogger and enjoy that 3 km runs in the mornings.

That’s all very good, but, what about your brain? Learning a new language is the answer. Without breaking a sweat, you can be mentally fit. Swedish scientists conducted brain scans on those learning a second language and a brain size increase was observed. And as the saying goes, why do it tomorrow when you can do it today!

woman-exploring-an-unknown-cityIt’s A cultural excursion

It’s the holiday season and finding travel tickets, let alone cheap tickets is a hassle you could do without. Why not step out and immerse yourself in the pool of languages that you are surrounded with on a daily basis right on your own doorstep?

That’s right! You’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have just trying to learn a few phrases in a new language. In the process of learning, you can dive deep into the language and experience the culture and nuances that distinguish us. Why wait till the holiday when you can do it every day!


Expand your Netflix library

Ever came across an intense trailer of a foreign film or a teaser of a sitcom, but you’re unable to comprehend what’s being said? Don’t play the guessing game anymore. Learn a language today and you might just be able to catch the season finale or that holiday special and enjoy it without having to pause and use Google Translate for every dialogue. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there!

two-girls-sharing-secretsKeep Secrets – Secrets!

Imagine you’re planning a party with your buddy. A colleague you haven’t invited joins the conversation. How can you pass a message to your buddy without grabbing the attention of the colleague? That’s right; learn a new language that just you and your buddy/ies know.

Klingon, maybe? How cool would it be to say ‘gobez’ to your friend? In case you were wondering…’gobez’ is pronounced ‘ghobe’ and means ‘No’ in Klingon. Say goodbye to awkward and hello to a secret language. And, there’s a whole list of unusual languages out there to choose from: Abruzzese, Catalan, Igbo, Scottish Gaelic, Zulu!


Impress your family and workmates

Your family members or workmates are setting their resolutions for 2020. Why not be ahead of the pack and learn a new language now? Imagine ringing in the New Year with different greetings in a different language!

person-viewing-photo-album-with-old-photographs Make your memory last longer

Canadian studies believe Alzheimer’s disease and the onset of dementia occur at a later stage in life for people with bilingual abilities than monolinguals. It is now commonly known that people who can fluently converse in more than one language have a better memory span and are more mentally flexible as well as creative. Improving your memory by language learning shouldn’t just be a New Year Resolution but rather a lifelong habit.

Start learning a new language today and enjoy the many benefits that come with language learning. 

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