Why Entrepreneurs Need To Understand Microsoft Office Suite

In a world of entrepreneurs and freelancers, a recurring challenge that presents itself is the ability to cater to the client’s needs through the latest software and technology.

In the modern age, entrepreneurs need to ensure that they have access to the latest tech and the know how (skills) to utilize the tools effectively, in order to be sustainable in an already competitive market.

And while there are differences in the specific software for specific sectors, there is a standard that spans to all areas of the professional workplace. This is Microsoft Office Suite.

Using Corel or a free software program? You may be losing clients

Let us face the reality that we are creatures of habit. Where our preferences and the way in which we do things helps us to develop our brand and our professionalism, it is not appropriate for software usage and for specific programing.

Software is continuously evolving and it is therefore imperative that online computer skills be honed in order to meet the market.

Microsoft is leading in online technology for office use, specifically in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. It is not that these programs are new to the market. Rather, the market has expanded to embrace the Windows 10 platform (and to a degree the Windows 8.1) which relies heavily on the Microsoft Office Suite. Adding to the supply and demand factor is the fact that the upgrade to Windows 10 (which primarily uses Microsoft Software) is free.

Entrepreneurs that are using Corel or choosing to opt for a “similar” free version of word may be losing clients. Clients expect to have their documents and presentation given to them in a universally sound format. Corel and the free programs that are available are not to this standard and may stifle a client from committing to a long term relationship. Furthermore, by not having online computer skills such as word and one drive, the entrepreneur may be seen as being outdated or a non-authority provider, regardless of whether or not that is a true assessment.

Time allocation is optimized when you use Microsoft Software

Time management is a problem in any business. If you are an entrepreneur, then you know the importance of optimizing your time. With other software programs you have to worry about jumping between multiple software platforms to get the final output that is needed. This adds quickly to the time that the business spends in contacting clients, creating documents, and giving presentations/pitches to potential new clientele.

Because Microsoft is a cross software suite, the time and the information can be transferred easily from one program to another. For example, the information for an email in Outlook can be saved into a Word document format and then opened in that program. If you have a website for your client you can easily open the HTML in word and do manipulations to the code and then post the content without the need for Dreamweaver or another web specific program. By cutting down the time that you spend jumping in-between programs, you will save time and thereby save money for your business.

What to do if you do not have the software or the skill set

With the number of eLearning opportunities on the internet, anyone can learn how to use the Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft does offer a free trial on a good bit of their software and so entrepreneurs can test out the software prior to committing to a specific program (such as personal, business, or premium). For those that do not understand how to use the software or if you need to advance your skills in a particular program, you can find an online learning course and work at your own pace. There is really no excuse as to why you should not incorporate Microsoft Office into your skillset, especially if you are working in a market that requires continuous document and client updating.

Cudoo is an online learning website that offers an array of classes for both the beginner and those which have experience within Microsoft. It is free to create an account and the classes are offered24/7. The great thing about having online access to computer skills courses is that you do not have to shift your already busy schedule to meet a “traditional” classroom. You can work at your own pace and in your own time.

Do you have questions? No problem. We are more than happy to address any questions that you may have about our online learning classes, professional development classes, and language classes (which include English courses). eLearning, especially in the realm of Computer Skills ensures that as an entrepreneur you have the tools and the abilities to meet your clients’ needs every time.

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