What to do during your visit to Jordan

Jordan a country known for its historical artifacts and breath-taking landscapes. From Crusader and Islamic castles to Roman ruins that have been perfectly preserved to this date. A country with the lowest point on earth, known as the Dead Sea, and the Iconic Petra. We have gathered the perfect list of what to do while you are visiting Jordan.

When you’re visiting Jordan make sure you: 

Visit the famous Petra 

It’s one of the great ancient cities of the world. Petra is one of those places that lives up to the hype. With momentous buildings built into high cliffs, Petra will literally take your breath away as you step into the Treasury square after your 2km walk through the deep narrow gorge of the Siq. Dating back more than 2000 years, Petra was an important part of the Silk Route to China and India but was abandoned at some time around the 12th century. It was only known to locals for hundreds of years until it was rediscovered by the West in 1812. This legendary setting is so beautiful, Hollywood has since come a-knockin’ using Petra for filming locations in movies such as Transformers and Indian Jones.

What to do during your visit in Jordan

Visit the ancient ruins of Jerash 

If you like Roman ruins, you will love Jerash. Jerash is a city in Jordan, north of the capital Amman, it is the most well-preserved ancient Roman city outside of Italy. Jerash dates back 6500 years at that time they enjoyed great wealth and importance due to the area’s fertile lands and year-round freshwater supply, making it important on Rome’s ancient trade route. 

What to do during your visit in Jordan

Visit the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is famously known for having people laying on their backs while reading a newspaper in the water. You really float on top! This is due to unusually high salt concentration.

What to do during your visit in Jordan Another thing to try is Mud bathing, known for the minerals of the Dead Sea contains and they say they have healing qualities. If you rub mud all over your skin, it will become very smooth. 

What to do during your visit in Jordan

Check Wadi Rum

An incredible dessert valley filled with narrow gorges, towering cliffs, and natural stone arches. Wadi Rum is a protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan and home to the Bedouins. This land has been inhabited for around 12,000 years. Known for its red-colored sand, stunning natural arches,  mountains, and prehistoric rock engravings.

What to do during your visit in Jordan

Experience Wadi Mujib canyoning

Wadi Mujib is a canyon that towers above the Mujib River and stretches along 70 kilometres, and the Mujib River in Jordan flows into the Dead Sea. There are many excursions that allow you to trek through the water, beneath the canyons, and into the Dead Sea itself. As well as some parts of Wadi Mujib also cover the Mujib Biosphere Reserve which is home to a number of rare wildlife species.

What to do during your visit in Jordan

Enjoy the city of Amman

The city of Amman is a must-visit destination. It is the capital and most populous city in Jordan, the city features spectacular Roman ruins, an international-standard museum and the most astonishing of mosques, souqs, and coffeehouses. Atop Jabal al-Qala’a hill, the historic Citadel includes the pillars of the Roman Temple of Hercules and the 8th-century Umayyad Palace complex, known for its grand dome.

What to do during your visit in Jordan

Jordan is a year-round destination but those who wish to explore the entire length of the country should visit in spring or autumn. Visiting Jordan in spring is beautiful, in March, April, and May, wildflowers start to bloom, valleys are green, and temperatures stay in their teens.

In the months of June, July, and August temperatures rise in the desert receiving 13 hours of sunlight per day. After the soaring temperatures of summer, things cool down a little in September and October making it a pleasant time to visit. Between September and October, the waters of the Red Sea hit temperatures of 26-27 degrees Celsius which entices beautiful tropical marine life. Autumn is a great time for diving particularly around the city of Aqaba.

If you are planning a trip to Jordan, learning Arabic will make your visit a truly memorable experience and helps you connect with locals. You’ll be able to get around much easier.


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