What is the Most Useful Language to Learn for Business?

Perhaps you’re thinking about learning a language for business or to build a successful career. If you’re struggling to decide which language to pick, here’s a list of five languages that look fantastic on a business resume.


spanish-greetingsIn the United States, there are 52.6 million Spanish speakers. That’s roughly 6 million more speakers than there are in Spain. Knowing Spanish is an incredibly useful skill in jobs that operate internationally, as there are 559 million Spanish speakers worldwide!

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old-man-sitting on a chairAccording to American Express, Brazil is becoming a major business powerhouse. However, it is home to one of the more less known languages in the United States, despite it being the seventh most popular language in the world. Knowing Portuguese could really amp up your resume for major businesses. Portuguese is a fantastic option if you already speak another romance language.

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paris-eifel-towerIf you’re located in the Northeast, French can be incredibly useful. No matter what your business, you’re bound to run into French speakers. Many Canadian businesses work with businesses in the Northeastern United States. Even broader than Canada, French is another useful language in business thanks to France’s strong business world.

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russia-moscowDid you know that people who have Russian on their resume earn on average 4% more than others? There are 250 million Russian speakers in the world, it’s one of the six world languages according to the United Nations. Russian could prove to be a very useful language if you’re pursuing international business or politics.

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arab-middle-eastArabic is one of the most time consuming languages to learn, according to the MLA. With the low number of speakers in the United States, and the Middle East’s growing economy – Arabic will REALLY set you apart! Arabic is another one of the United Nations’ six official languages and is spoken in over 20 countries around the world!

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Whatever it is you’re looking for, just make sure you enjoy doing it! When the time is right, test your proficiency level with TestYourLanguage.com.

What language do you find the most useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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