What Exactly is Area 51?

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FurtherArea 51 is everywhere lately, thanks to a Facebook event called “Storm Area 51” where a group of dedicated individuals are planning on “Naruto” running towards Area 51. While many understand it’s a joke, there’s some concern from the U.S. Air Force that not all are getting that message.

A Naruto run for those wondering

Earlier today, they posted a reminder to those who are seriously considering visiting the site that it is an open training range for the Air Force, it would be unwise to approach such a heavily guarded area without permission.

Where did the rumor of aliens at Area 51 begin? Let’s take a look at Britannica’s timeline –


The United States uses Area 51 as an aerial weapon target range for the duration of World War II.


In secrecy, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) uses Area 51 to practice aerial surveillance programs. Here they tested the Lockheed U-2, which is a high-level reconnaissance aircraft. To find out more about the U-2, check out Air Force Technology.


U-2’s were in the air, the CIA continued to test more aerial technology under Project AQUATONE. President Eisenhower signed off on all tests.


Bob Lazar claims to have been on a project working with extraterrestrial technology at Area 51. Lazar claims to have seen photos of extraterrestrial autopsies and more. Consequently, Lazar’s claims were refuted by the Government but sparked many conspiracy theories surrounding alien life.


The United States Government finally acknowledges the existence of Area 51 but does not confirm any existence of alien technology being found. The Government claims to have used Area 51 solely for testing military technology, disputing any claims of extraterrestrial connections.


Interest in Area 51 is at a peak high after U.S. Senators were briefed about a U.S. Navy interaction with an unidentified flying object.

Furthermore, the Navy told CNN they do not believe there are aliens in U.S. airspace but there has been a surge of UFOs in recent years.

Bob Lazar has a highly rated Netflix special and of course, there’s the Facebook event.

Area 51 has maintained its mysteriousness for almost 40 years, what do you think of this new surge of interest? Are you interested or do you think it’s ridiculous? Let us know in the comments below!

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