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Sue Brett

October 25, 2016

Currently, 55 million Americans are freelancing, a number that has increased by 2 million since 2014, according to the study ‘Freelancing in America’ (2016). The study also estimated that 63% of them chose to switch to freelancing by choice and not out of necessity.

Randy Duermyer, author of the article ‘What is a Freelancer and what is Freelancing?’ (The Balance, 2016), defines the term ‘Freelancer’ as a person who is self-employed and works for many clients at a time. The term is more commonly associated with journalists, writers or those working in the creative field. However, this notion has changed with time and an increasing number of people are venturing out as freelancers in other industries as well.

Why would they willingly choose to do so? Check out our top 12 reasons why people are flocking to freelancing.

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