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Top Bilingual Jobs in 2020

The ability to speak fluently in two or more languages makes you a highly eligible candidate in the job market, and even just knowing a few useful words and phrases in another language will help you stand out.

10 Skills That Employers Look for in 2020

10 Soft Skills That Will Make You Richer

Having the technical skills and knowledge to successfully execute your responsibilities is only part of being the best you can be within your organization. In addition, you also need to have essential soft skills that will allow you to effectively work with others and help you stand out in 2020. 

Why is OSHA So Important?


Did you know that every year over 4 million workplace injuries and illnesses are reported? That may seem shocking but with the amount of Americans in the workforce, it seems more reasonable. The United States Department of Labor has a specific agency dedicated to workplace safety; the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA. 

The Best Countries to Do Business in for 2020

doing business

Every year, The World Bank releases a report which ranks 190 economies around the world and details which countries are best to start a business in. They look at 10 different aspects of doing business to help you better choose where you work and what you learn!

5 Courses Every Recent Graduate Should Take

recent graduate

It’s mid-August. Typically, you’d be gearing up to go back to school. Only this year is different, you just graduated three months ago. Here comes the dreaded “Well actually, I’m a recent graduate” answer when people ask for experience. If you don’t already have a job, you’re not alone it takes many recent grads up to six months after graduation to find a...

How to Avoid that #FridayFeeling at the Office


Most of us know that feeling, 5 pm on Thursday hits, the only thing in between you and the weekend is Friday. Then all day, you have that #FridayFeeling. It’s unbelievably easy to allow yourself to just go to work and do very little or spend most of the day socializing with your co-workers because you’re just so close to the weekend. If you’re trying to perform well today to...

Mindfulness Tips & Practices to Keep You in the Zone

Mindfulness Tips

We do a million things during the day but how many of them do we actually wholeheartedly focus on while we’re doing? While it was once used to treat depression and anxiety, mindfulness practices are now being used outside of the therapy world, daily.  Being mindful has many health benefits, says John Kabat-Zinn, founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical...

25 Phrases You Need to Know for Business Negotiations in English

25 Phrases You Need to Know for Business Negotiations in English

Negotiation is part of most business operations. It’s through negotiation that you create a business environment that supports making profits and serving your customers. Business deal making creates mutually beneficial bonds with employees, suppliers, customers, unions, government agencies, industry oversight boards, and the general public. Due to the importance of joint decision-making in...

Money Struggles Every 20-Something Should Go Through and Why

Money Struggles Every 20-Something Should Go Through and Why

Being young and broke is a rite of passage that nearly everybody goes through in their early adulthood. And, although it isn’t pleasant, it is highly instructive and can shape you into a more frugal, more savvy, and even more compassionate person — which will be helpful for yourself and those around you, for the rest of your life. (Plus, often the payoff is the incomparable satisfaction of being...

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