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Kashfi Rahman

December 6, 2017

We often assume that languages are unique and different from each other, and this (false) assumption leads to our fear of learning new languages. We overlook the fact that there are several 'Borrowed Words' in every language, which makes learning a new language easier and a fun thing to do.

Kashfi Rahman

December 4, 2017

You must be wondering what exactly I am talking about here. Many questions arise in your mind such as, ‘Are idioms a type of cake? Or what does idiom even mean?’ Here I will explain to you what are idioms and after reading this article you would definitely agree with me saying “Idioms are actually a piece of cake.”

Moaz Khan

November 21, 2017

Learning a language has been a popular new year resolution for many years, and has consistently featured as one of the top 10 resolutions of all time.

So, if you are considering learning a language this new year, then you are in luck as we have selected the top foreign languages to learn in 2018.

Kashfi Rahman

November 16, 2017

The year 2017 is soon going to end and as we set ourselves to welcome the new year (2018), with fireworks, parties and celebrations, here I have picked the top 10 countries you should add to your travel diary in the new year!

Kashfi Rahman

October 2, 2017

The English Language can be very ambiguous, especially when it comes to its complex vocabulary and grammar. Among all the concepts of English grammar such as the tenses, modal, imperatives and conditions, there are a certain set of words that have the same spelling but have completely different meaning.

Moaz Khan

September 27, 2017

On an average, it is estimated that an individual will shakehands 15000 in their lifetime and yet, 70% of the surveyed population said they lacked confidence when it came to performing the gesture, according to a survey at the car making firm, Chevrolet.

Moaz Khan

September 11, 2017

Shaking hands may seem like a universally accepted form of greeting your counterparts, however, what would you do if the other person doesn't offer their hand? Such as if you are greeting a woman in a conservative Muslim culture in the Middle East, or when your Japanese business contact greets you with a bow!

Ojaswini Kalia

September 4, 2017

Learning a new language can be liberating as well as frustrating. Once you have learned a new language, your horizons widen, including the number of vacation spots, while a feeling of accomplishment settles in.

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