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What You Didn’t Know about Valentine’s Day

What You Didn’t Know about Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world on February 14th and is popularly acknowledged as the day that celebrates love and romance. However, most people do not know the historical significance of this festive day and its origin: Where? When? and How it began?

Where is Chinese (Mandarin) Spoken?

Where is Chinese (Mandarin) Spoken?

China has the largest population in the world with approximately 1.28 billion people, so learning to speak Chinese means you will be able to communicate with a gazillion people in the world! That’s just simple math that makes sense, whether you are the next Fermat or not.

Groundhog Day – Exclusive Celebrity Interview

Groundhog Day - Exclusive Celebrity Interview

Cudoo has a gift for all its readers. A Groundhog Day special, Cudoo has managed to secure an interview with the remarkable Punxsutawney Phil Sowerby. In an exclusive one-off interview, the weather prognosis extraordinaire has shared with us everything you ever wanted to know about Groundhog Day, before embarking on his winter slumber.

What Languages Should Children Be Learning in 2019

What Languages Should Children Be Learning to Get Ahead?

Increased globalization and access to almost every part of the world has created commercial and travel opportunities that seemed unimaginable just 50 years ago. This phenomenon has sharply drawn to focus the sheer number of languages and cultures practiced around the world, and the need to be, at the very least, bilingual is a common trend shaping up in the year 2019.

Top Countries to Visit in 2019


The year 2018 is soon going to end and as we set ourselves to welcome the new year (2019), with fireworks, parties and celebrations, here I have picked the top 10 countries you should add to your travel diary in the new year!

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