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Sue Brett

June 19, 2016

The 2016 Training Industry report, prepared in partnership with Citrix GoToTraining, focuses on the biggest changes in online training and how online tools are changing the role of the trainer. Here are the key takeouts from the Training Industry 2016 benchmark report and what it means to the edTech world.


Moaz Khan

June 13, 2016

'This upcoming Father's Day, you could buy yet another tiresome tie, crazy cufflinks or calorie laden chocolates. Or you could pep up Papa's summer with an online subscription to life-long learning, guaranteed not to be found hidden at the bottom of the cupboard.

Read on to find out why a 1 month subscription to Cudoo is the perfect gift this Father's Day.

No wonder experts consider learning to be essential to a rounded life. In fact, it is so important that “Keep Learning” is one of the New Economic Foundation’s (NEF) Five Ways to Wellbeing along with “Connect, “Be Active”, “Take Notice” and “Give”. There’s something about mastering a new skill that feels so good. Any kind of learning can boost your wellbeing, not just a practical one, and there’s a growing pile of research to prove it.

Sue Brett

June 6, 2016

This broadcasting term has been completely high jacked by the mobile marketing gurus. Dayparting: dividing the day into several parts and providing unique programming during each. Since the world went mobile, suddenly Dayparting has expanded over 24 hours, for both viewing and e-commerce, and reduced down to Microparting messages.  

Moaz Khan

June 2, 2016

Each year, when we attend the ATD Conference and Exposition, we have a fuzzy feeling inside, proof of our passion for the training and development industry. Each year, the show is bigger and better. After three incredible days in the ATD buzz, we’ve come back to our desks filled with inspiration.

Moaz Khan

April 21, 2016


The EdTech universe is filled with words and acronyms that are highly technical and field specific. Just this week I received an email from a colleague with the subject line "xAPI and LRS for mLMS" which made perfect sense to me but not to someone who is not familiar with the jargon which we are so used to working on eLearning projects. Here I share 12 online acronyms you need to know that will not surprise you the next time you come across them.

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