Top Tips For Graduating Successfully

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Although the four years spent at college is a stark contrast to the first 18 years, hundreds of thousands of students graduate every year from universities across the world, and go on to lead successful lives and careers.  Alternatively, there also remain those that do not make it through the rigors of college life.

So what makes a good student and how does one go about successfully completing college?

Here are our top tips, hot off the press from a recently graduated Cudoo guru!

1. Plan, and keep track of your schedule.

Without the constant presence of a guardian, loosing track of classes, exams, homework and meals become dangerously easy. Therefore, managing at least daily and weekly appointments and commitments becomes a necessity while additionally helping with staying on top of an otherwise overwhelming change.

2. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Although it may suddenly seem like everyone has their lives figured out at university, it often isn’t so. If you feel helpless and confused, chances are that someone else may be feeling the exact same way. It thus becomes imperative to ask for and accept help that may be offered. Remember, there are no stupid questions!

3. Mistakes are part of the learning curve.

Granted that college is a place of new beginnings and fresh starts, but it also often leaves a feeling of being unprepared and foolish. However there is no better place to find your perfect fit than college, and there is no better way of doing so than experimenting and making your own mistakes along the way. Just as college expects you to take responsibility for yourself, it also equips you with the best training wheels to catch yourself should you fall.

4. It is okay to say no and admit defeat.

While your “blood, sweat and tears” are important to achieve the “fruit of your labor”, it is more vital to remember that putting yourself through an obviously difficult and stressful situation may do more harm than good. Admitting that a certain course or extra-curricular activity is affecting your well-being is better in the long run than pushing through a mentally tolling exercise.


5. Make your professors your friends.

Your professors, annoying, stuffy and overbearing as they seem, are some of the cooler people you will meet at university. With their years of worldly and academic knowledge, they are one of the best resources you will have on surviving university and navigating the outside world. Attend office hours and have conversations with them about their lives and experiences, and at the very least, you may at least score a solid recommendation letter at the end of the year!

6. Participate actively.

The three to four years spent roaming the corridors of your university are also the best years to develop essential soft skills needed for life as an adult. Actively contribute during class discussions, volunteer to do verbal presentations and take part in group work. Your communication, team work and creativity skills will stand out as a result and will not disappoint at interviews and meetings.

7. Read the syllabus and check your emails.

This is one repeated advice that many students regretfully do not take as seriously as they should. More often than not, students tend to miss important assignments and announcements as a result of not having known when they were due or stated. Keep either a print or digital copy of your class’s syllabus at all times, and turn on notifications for your university email on your phone or laptop.

Graduate, kick back and relax and then time to get your job search started!

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