Top 10 Skills Every New Graduate Needs

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Every year, fresh graduates enter the workforce aiming to put their hard-earned degrees to good use. Very often, the graduates tend to rely on the academic excellence to score top positions in top companies. While this might have worked in the past, the global job industry is changing and with that, more companies are demanding a lot more than knowledge gained from a students’ time spent in university.

Here are the top 10 skills that will help you to impress your prospective employers. Put on your Positivity Cloak – game on.

1. Proficiency with computer software programs

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It’s no surprise that knowledge of software programs is one of the most sought after skills by employers in every industry. Technology is fast becoming an essential part of every industry. Knowledge in using software that are used in the industry for a job you are applying for can make you the top candidate for many employers.

2. Ability to create and/or edit written reports

Professional writing is a difficult task to master for many. However, if you are a fresh graduate and entering the work force, you are expected to have a decent standard of proficiency in writing and editing reports. These could be simple presentation slides about a product your company is trying to sell, or detailed technical reports explaining a product to the senior management. Good writing skills will boost your chances to score that dream job.

3. Soft skills

Soft skills are looked down upon by most graduates as they believe their ability to carry out specialized job requirements are sufficient to land them a job. However, teamwork, people skills, efficient communication etc. are part of the soft skills that are not only essential in any workplace, they mean you will stay around! It is no surprise that employers look for these in a prospective candidate.

4. Languages

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In our increasingly globalized world, fluency in multiple languages will put you at a great advantage. Big companies these days are expanding their operations worldwide and try to appeal to the global demographic and having knowledge of additional languages will make you an attractive candidate for most employers. Even more so if combined with international experience.

5. Coding skills

LinkedIn’s analysis of the 25 most sought-after skills in a recent study revealed a trend: almost every skill involved digital technologies, IT or programming. A ‘solid grasp of the Microsoft Office suite’ probably isn’t enough to impress your employer. Coding is one of the most sought after skills in the job market these days. With plenty of online tutorials available, anyone can become proficient in coding quickly.

6. Work experience

What employers want is hands-on experience. In fact, in an EU survey, almost 90% of employers said work experience was crucial for new hires. One of the best ways to get experience is through an internship. If you choose the right one, it can teach you new skills and could even turn into a permanent position. Try to do your internship in various industries to increase your skill set while focusing more on an industry that could be your future career.

7. Organizational Skills


Management of time and resources is a key aspect of any company. The ability to plan, organize and prioritize work is a necessary skill in any job and for any task. A graduate with good management skills  will catch the eye of employers as they prefer tasks to be done quickly and efficiently.

8. Drive

Determination to get things done is essential to climb up the leadership ladder in any company. This is also essential for new employees to make a good first impression. While an interview might be the first encounter with a senior member of the company, exhibiting the drive to excel at what you are required to do will leave a lasting impression on your employer. Keep learning, even though you have left uni, and brush up on new skills you suddenly find you need. The flexibility of online courses is a great to manage this while working

9. Speech

The ability to address a crowd can be a handy skill to have when applying for a job. Good speaking skills and the ability to communicate effectively and politely can make you stand out among other candidates.

10. Leadership Skills

the art of delegation-1.png

For growth in any company, you need to exhibit good leadership skills. The ability to delegate, manage and lead a group of people is an ideal skill to have to impress the senior management and thereby make you a candidate for promotion.


 Last but not least, a huge helping of positivity combined with a willingness to get stuck in with whatever is needed goes a long way. Smile, be prepared to listen and learn, and your new colleagues will welcome you as the asset that you are!


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