Teaching Sign Language to Your Baby: Is It Worth It?

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In short, yes! Teaching sign language to your baby can help you tremendously.

With ASL, your child will be able to effectively communicate their feelings, wants, and needs – well before they’re verbal.

Teaching sign language to your baby can help bridge the verbal gap between you and your baby, it gives you a peek into their thoughts and personality, which can really strengthen the parent-child bond, says Michelle Macias M.D. for Parents.

WebMD suggests beginning to teach sign language around 6 months, though your child likely won’t truly start signing until around 8 months.

Some of the benefits of teaching sign language to your baby include;

Psychological Benefits

Tantrums are typically caused by some sort of lack of either understanding or communication, right?

It’s proven that children who learn sign language as babies are able to more effectively communicate their emotions, such as anger or frustration, through sign.

A side effect of that is that children who learn sign language are oftentimes happier and more confident, says Psychcentral.

Teaching sign language to your baby is a chance to bond

teaching sign language to your baby

Teaching and learning sign language can be fun for both you and the baby, says the Mayo Clinic.

Many parents say that the process of teaching how to sign involves a lot of eye contact and touching. We often feel more connected to someone when they touch us, says Psychology Today.

fewer meltdowns

teaching sign language to your baby

“I seriously have no clue what’s wrong!” is a thought that so many parents across the globe think in the middle of a meltdown.

Through sign, a child will be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong. Does their belly hurt? Are they hungry? Whatever it maybe – there’s a sign for it.

Additionally, the improved communication can actually help you. You’ll be able to identify your child’s distress before they identify it themselves. Even when you find yourself in the middle of a meltdown – you’ll have an easier time communicating and resolving the issue.

Many parents find the process of learning and teaching American sign language very rewarding. Why not give it a shot?

If you’re interested in more check out our Babies & Toddlers Sign Language course;

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