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There is no universal teaching method because not all students learn in the same way. This is the reason why people talk about approaches and refrain from making clear categorizations. The choice of the teaching approach depends largely on what fits. However, it seems that there is a new way of schooling and delivering information. This method is called microlearning. Microlearning is incredibly fashionable at the present moment, particularly in e-corporate learning environments. Yet, the teaching method brings about benefits to employees and students alike. In this article, we will try to provide essential information about this emergent learning strategy. 

What is microlearning

Micro-perspectives in the context of education is a new approach to training that refers to learning in smaller portions. To be more precise, the method of microlearning implies providing small, focused knowledge units at a time. This kind of approach is generally used in the field of e-learning and is easily accessible through devices such as tablets, mobile phones and, of course, laptop computers. There are other delivery methods that are worth mentioning, like emails, multimedia videos, and practice exercises. These techniques are meant to help people develop their skills and implicitly achieve their educational goals.

How exactly is microlearning different?

It is only natural to ask how is microlearning is distinct than traditional teaching methods. One explanation is that old-fashioned teaching methods require a great deal of time, not to mention that they are not capable of producing immediate reactions. Equally important is mentioning that the human brain forgets a lot of information. Short-term learning activities address these issues. Not only is the knowledge delivered in specific outbreaks, but the information is provided when the student is the most receptive. The brain is helped to move the data from short-term memory to long-term memory, so it can be restored without difficulty.

The advantages of microlearning

There are many advantages to short-term learning activities. One advantage is that learners are not overwhelmed by the quantity of information. On the contrary, they are provided the opportunity of moving at their own pace and to take control of when they are learning. This, in turn, helps them retain information more efficiently. Another advantage of microlearning is that it can be realized with the help of many instructional delivery modalities. As mentioned before, trainers can use technologies such as micro media. Trainers benefit from as well. It is a lot easier for them to create educational pieces and motivate students.

Should you take microlearning courses?

Everyone can use microlearning to their advantage. The importance of education is greater than ever and the truth is that industries demand more skill sets than ever. Even though many consider microlearning to be just a trend, it is one of the most effective methods of delivering education. If you do not want to lose your skill following training, you should consider a different type of learning. Whether you are learning a new language or you are looking forward to developing your professional skills, it is advisable to acquire knowledge in smaller segments.

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