Different Varieties of the Arabic Language

Different varieties of the Arabic language

Arabic is one of the world’s most incredible languages. Arabic is part of the Semitic language family, which incorporates dialects like Aramaic and Hebrew. Like most other Semitic dialects, Arabic is composed from right to left. The language today is spoken by over 400 million individuals and Arabic is the official language in 22 nations. Arabic also plays a vital role in numerous nations...

A Guide to Brazilian Portuguese

A Guide to Brazilian Portuguese

  The Portuguese language is one of the most complex and detailed languages in the world, and it is also considered a sophisticated and poetic language. It is important to know that there are two different types of Portuguese: Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese. You have probably heard someone speaking Portuguese at some point, and you may even have confused the language with...

Arabic – Who Speaks It and Where?

Arabic - Who Speaks It and Where?

Arabic offers a blend of critical language skills and is useful in over 20 countries with around 300 million native speakers. There are varieties of Arabic and there is no doubt that those who learn Arabic can live, work, and interact with a more diverse set of countries. As the Arabic saying goes, ‘awwal alshshajarat bidharr (“A tree begins with a seed.”) A trend can be seen in the private...

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