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13 Most Popular Baby American Sign Language Signs

Baby Sign Language

When it comes down to the importance of teaching your baby sign language there are a few things you need to know. Utilizing signs helps your infant to communicate with signals before they can express themselves with words. Sign language is a visual language based on body movements, hand gestures, and facial expressions to make visual stories. Toddlers have a rush of emotions and feelings such as...

Most Popular American Sign Language Phrases – You Need to Know

Sign language phrases that get very handy

American Sign language (ASL) is growing in popularity and its the primary language of the Deaf and Hard of hearing in the USA. Its popularity has also expanded to other countries around the world. ASL is a natural language which means it has its own syntax grammar and vocabulary, exactly like spoken languages do. It’s not only about using your hands to communicate a message, but it also...

How to Learn Sign Language?

How to Learn Sign Language?

Sign language is the primary medium of communication for Hard of hearing individuals, however, the use of sign language is more common than you would imagine.  All sign languages worldwide utilize the visual-manual modality to get the message across and are naturally developing with their own grammar and lexicon.  Types of Sign Language Contrary to popular belief there is no universal sign...

Top 3 Reasons To Learn American Sign Language (ASL)

Top 3 Reasons To Learn American Sign Language (ASL)

American Sign Language (ASL) plays an important role in facilitating communication within the Deaf community and enabling them to communicate with others. However, did you know that sign language is growing in popularity as a second language around the world?

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