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We love supporting upcoming and established bloggers so they can showcase their talents, further promote themselves in front of a wide audience and give back to the community.

How to get started?

Contribute an original article related to our blog. Follow the below guidelines and tips to ensure your work gets featured on our site.

  • The article should be focused on quality and needs to be informative, interesting to read and non-promotional
  • The content must be original and not copied or used anywhere else
  • We love in-depth posts so aim to keep the word count between 1000-1500 words
  • Some of the categories we accept; language, culture, communication, health and wellness, professional development, education, soft skills, teacher training, how to’s and list-based articles
  • You don’t have to restrict yourself to just a blog post. You can even submit an infographic or video
  • Review the content already on blog.cudoo.com to get a feel of who we are and the topics we like to write about

Next Steps…

Before you begin you to need to get in touch with us to finalize the topic. Drop us an email with your idea(s) and we can take it from there.

Once your article has been approved, don’t be modest: tweet, post, and share the content with your network. We’ll spread the word through our social media channels too!

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