Skype for Business- How it changed the ‘Meeting’

The abundance of technology we are surrounded with is not only a means of entertainment but also an opportunity to make the work process more effective and organized.

Skype has been synonymous with online communication for the last decade and has gone ahead to further innovate the communication process.

Skype has traditionally been known as a program that allows users to make video calls. Connecting individuals with their family and friends from different parts of the world. However, not everyone’s aware that there exists also a separate business app, namely Skype for Business; that can be applied at work in many ways, and has changed the way meetings are carried out.

The main Skype for Business features includes instant messaging (IM), calls, and meetings.

  • Instant Messaging (IM): IM allows its users to chat with colleagues and send text messages, pictures, and files. This type of communication can be used if some of the participants don’t have the ability or opportunity to receive a call. Compared to emails, chats are usually less formal and as their name entails- instant. Making for faster communication without the worry of sounding formal.
  • Audio and video calls: Making calls will require all the participants to connect a microphone and a camera (in case of a video call). Calling may include two or more people which makes hosting an overseas conference a breeze. The app also intelligently switches to the source of incoming audio in the case of a conference.
  • Business Meeting: Skype for Business is a great opportunity to save on airline tickets cost and time. In addition to IM and calls, the meetings feature includes sharing a whiteboard and a desktop, collaborating on Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and conducting polls and Q&As. One can also share notes by using the Microsoft OneNote app. The conversations and all the additional activities can be recorded and shared with colleagues who were not able to attend the meeting.

For those willing to know more about Skype for Business functions and how to use it effectively at work, check out our new online course here.

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