Pokémon Self-Analysis Quiz for Prospective Employees

Have you ever wondered what your spirit animal would be? What about your spirit Pokémon? Well, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company take their hiring process very seriously. In order to apply for a position within the company, you must first take their Pokémon Self-Analysis.

Pokemon Self AnalysisThis self-analysis asks you many of the questions you would expect from a prospective employer, like “do you like data and numbers?” However, it’s not the thoroughness of these questions that are drawing people in. It’s the results!

When you receive your results you will be compared to the Pokémon who best matches your personality type. 

Chansey Pokemon book reading

However, many American and British fans are disappointed with Google Chrome’s ability to translate the quiz correctly. If you are disappointed you couldn’t take the authentic Japanese quiz, check out some online Japanese courses on Cudoo.

 Luckily, Pokémon blogger Casey Baseel of Sora News 24 has a translation of the questions from the Pokémon Self-Analysis so, we too can find out what our spirit Pokémon would be. 

Questions, Translated

  1. Do you like looking at data and numbers? 
  2. If you’re going to do something, do you do a lot of preparation ahead of time? 
  3. Do you get irritated by people with a laid-back attitude? 
  4. Do you like thinking deeply about things? 
  5. Do you take action instead of spending a long time thinking first? 
  6. If you’re talking about something do you start with your conclusion?
  7. Do people often say you’re cold or unfriendly? 
  8. Do you hate doing useless, ineffective things? 
  9. Are you a passive-minded person? 
  10. Can you do anything, if it’s for the sake of others? 
  11. Do people often say you’re kind? 
  12. Do you always try to consider what the people around you are feeling before you take action? 
  13. Do you take the initiative to have active conversations with people you’re meeting for the first time? 
  14. Without realizing it, do you become the center of attention in conversations? 
  15. Do people often say you’re cheerful?
  16. Do your emotions easily show in your facial expressions?

There are around 20 different species of Pokémon available, according to Sora News, who did you get? Do you think it’s accurate?

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