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Leah Simon

August 3, 2017

A flag indicates more than a piece of cloth with colors and designs – it is a symbol of an entire nation. Every flag in the world varies distinctly from one country to another and is a direct reflection of the state’s history, culture and background. However, who designs the national flag of a country and what motivates the particular designs of each flag? What are they commonly referred to as? Read to find out some of the interesting stories behind the regal colors and patterns of some famous national flags.

Leah Simon

July 30, 2017

A bestseller and now ranked one of the most popular TV series of all time, Game of Thrones has left its very prominent mark in the literary and cultural world. With the series comprising some stunning one-liners, the dialogues are equally famous and quoted often. Read on for our top 10 phrases from the show that you can use in your everyday English conversations to seem like a total Thronie!

Leah Simon

July 27, 2017

Learning a language can feel like a daunting task and a seemingly impossible achievement. Teaching a language, however, can seem even more intimidating. Most teachers will know that fluency in a language, while definitely important, is not enough to be an effective teacher. So what stands out most about our most memorable teachers who helped us learn a language without resigning to hopelessness? Here are our top 10 characteristics that make the perfect language teacher!

Leah Simon

July 23, 2017

The San Diego Comic-Con is the equivalent of Christmas to comic book and pop culture lovers all over the world. In the 48 years since the first show, Comic-Con has established itself as the go-to platform to announce new tv shows and movies and subsequently has developed its own unique culture, with attendees from all over the world. This year’s annual 3 day extravaganza is almost at a close. To celebrate the 11th year since Iron Man was presented as first in line of the enormously popular Marvel Cinematic Universe and the global reach of these movies and comics, we list our favorite Marvel superhero names in different languages!

Leah Simon

July 19, 2017

Learning how to eat the right way in the country you plan to visit is an important part of the prep before a trip. Just like looking up common phrases in the foreign destination’s language, or the climate your future trip location enjoys – researching the local dining etiquette can save you from seeming rude.

Tipping, cutlery usage, and even seasoning should be kept in mind, and improper technique of any of these can cause offense to your host.

Make sure you are culturally savvy - learn the dos and don’ts from popular travel destinations to help you seem just like a native on your next trip!

Leah Simon

The one year wait finally came to an end In July 2017, and Game of Thrones fan were treated to a record breaking season 7 premiere.  With Daenerys Targaryen now in her ancestral home of Dragonstone and Jon Snow finally having been confirmed as half-Targaryen, now is a good time as any to brush up on some High Valyrian, mother tongue of the Targaryens!

Sue Brett

July 17, 2017

“I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.” This quote by Eartha Kitt is profound in that as human beings, we never truly stop learning. We learn how to walk, how to talk, to read, write, and develop as many skills as we need to become active and functioning contributors to our society. But in the meantime, have we spent enough time learning how to learn?

Leah Simon

July 16, 2017

Sitting in a waiting room pretending to look calm and composed, wearing your best suit and clutching a set of CVs while trying to hide your sweaty palms is a mental picture to which almost anyone can relate.

Job interviews can be frightening and stressful, but it is an integral part of your job search and is the best opportunity to promote yourself with a face-to-face conversation.

So what can be done to ease the anxiety going into an interview? Read on to find out our best tips to ace your next interview!

Leah Simon

July 15, 2017

Resume building is essential – it is the first piece of document reviewed by any recruiter and is used by any company to form a first impression to decide whether you are worth hiring. Action verbs are vital in resumes, to show what you have contributed and where you have added value, rather than just providing a job description.

Show how you can be an asset. Spice up your resume with our "I add Value"  list of 200 action verbs that can be used for specific jobs.

Leah Simon

July 12, 2017

Small talk is a huge, yet unavoidable aspect of networking. The pressure of trying to connect quickly and effectively with complete strangers can be stressful, sometimes even causing to stray away from the situation entirely.

However, small talk need not reduce you into a panic stricken state of silence!

Follow our 8 simple yet smart icebreakers to practice and turn you into a pro conversationalist.

Sue Brett

Learning a language can be and should be a lengthy process, where keeping motivation up is sometimes more important than any other strategy. Once the honeymoon phase of language learning is completed, the intermediate stages can feel like you are standing in the same place for a while.

So what can be done to keep up motivation and not remain in the continuous spiral of the “plateau phase”?

Follow our top 5 tips to constantly maintain and track your language learning.

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