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The global society of today is exceedingly interdependent and interconnected. We can’t overlook the fact that we now have people from a different country, a different background, and speaking a different tongue living right next door to us.

So, in this world of diversity, it’s impossible to even fathom that one can survive with only our native tongue or to be satisfied with familiarizing ourselves with only the norms in our own society. It is necessary to break out of these bubbles we live in and acquaint ourselves with cultures other than ours.

This realization is what then prompts us to start looking up things like the best app for learning languages, or the best YouTube videos to learn Arabic in a week, or where to find the best French classes in Brisbane, or anything of that sort. Be it for a trip overseas or just to increase your prospects of getting your dream job, we have found you a solution that will make you proficient in any language in no time – online learning!

It’s not something new, innovative certainly, but not new. It’s been around for years, yet it isn’t availed as much as it should be, at least not when it comes to linguistics. Whenever we are attempting at second language acquisition, we instantly start looking for an academy and teachers who will train us in person. Perhaps that can be attributed to our traditions where a classroom is considered necessary to get the learning process started. But just like most other outdated norms, this is a practice that needs to be left in the past, for more than one good reason.

Why online learning is the best way to learn a language?

1. Less time consuming:

We often find ourselves starting things and then giving up on them because we can’t seem to fit it into our already hectic schedules. Secondary tasks that we’re doing for fun are often the first ones that get knocked off of our agendas. It is therefore very wise to learn a language online where you can choose your own time and set your own pace.

2. Easy access to the internet:

The best way to gain fluency in a language is by practicing it, and what better way to practice than to find a friend who speaks the tongue. Learning online gets you in touch with hundreds of native speakers whom you can rehearse. Besides that, online learning also makes our access to resources better.  We get a gateway into a world full of vocabulary and interesting grammar modules that speed up the process of our learning. This information can be looked up by the students themselves or can be incorporated by the teacher into their lesson.

3. Repetition:

Each one of us has so occupied in a countless number of tasks that our minds get overworked. In this state, it would be unfair to expect it to retain information we’ve been told just once. For this reason, we need to have the same information fed to us over and over again. Now in a classroom, this would be frustrating for the other students and teacher too, but online you can record and play the same lecture over and over to allow yourself to learn more.

4. Inexpensive:

Even the costliest of all online academies will still be cheaper than an affordable offline course. This is particularly beneficial for students who try to learn a language in their free time or for those that do it as a hobby and don’t feel like making a very costly investment in something that isn’t of particular importance to them.

5. No travel needed:

The best thing about this way is that we can do it from the comfort of our beds. We don’t need to walk or drive through the rain and sunshine to get to class on time and then spend a strict hour and a half, o whatever your class time length might be, just to do something that could have been done more comfortably. This is one of the most popular reasons why people choose online courses for any purpose, they find it very convenient.

Polishing our linguistic skills is something that will never backfire or cause us harm. But it does certainly increase our chances of leading a more prosperous life.  Not only that but it is also known to improve our cognitive abilities and memory. So how about instead of baking in the sun this summer, we invest our time into learning a new foreign language.

Can you think of any other benefits of learning languages online? Let us know in the comments below:

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