Mexican Culture vs. American Culture: The Biggest Differences

Sure, we’re not that far from Mexico. We feel their influence and enjoy many of their specialties such as their food. Although we see aspects of their culture here, Mexican culture relies heavily on tradition and respect.

In America, we’re only given a short glimpse into native Mexican culture. Here are a few of the major differences we see;

Family Values

mexican culture

Family life is huge in Mexico. In fact, the family is considered the center of one’s social life. Extended family, such as aunts, uncles, and cousins are valued just as much as one’s brothers or sisters.

Typically the mother is the homemaker while the father is in charge of the heavy labor and making the money. The paternal figure is often referred to as “Jefe de Familia” or “Boss of the Family.”


mexican culture

You probably know a little bit about Mexican food already. However, their etiquette is a little different.

Mexican people plan their parties an hour early. If they want people to arrive for dinner at 7 pm, they put the start time at 6 pm, says Spanish 55.

In a formal setting, it’s standard to not put your elbows on the table and don’t try to split the check. It’s also polite to leave a little bit of food on your plate at the end of your meal.


In America, we love football. So many of us eagerly wait every year for football season to come around.

In Mexico, that’s how it is with soccer or “fútbol.”  Their world-class teams are loved worldwide, even with a huge fanbase in the US, says ESPN.

Mexico has a handful of traditional sports, as well. These include bullfighting, lucha libre (wrestling), and charrería. These sports are deeply ingrained in Mexican culture.

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