Marvel Superhero Names in Different Languages

Marvel Superhero Names in Different Languages

The San Diego Comic-Con is the equivalent of Christmas to comic book and pop culture lovers all over the world. In the 48 years since the first show, Comic-Con has established itself as the go-to platform to announce new tv shows and movies and subsequently has developed its own unique culture, with attendees from all over the world. This year’s annual 3 day extravaganza is almost at a close. To celebrate the 11th year since Iron Man was presented as first in line of the enormously popular Marvel Cinematic Universe and the global reach of these movies and comics, we list our favorite Marvel superhero names in different languages!


Iron man – Der Eiserne; “The Iron One” (Germany)

Loki – “Evil God” (Hong Kong)

Thor – Tors (Latvia)

Hulk – “The Green Giant” (Hong Kong)

Captain America – Kapteeni Amerikka (Finland)

Avengers – Vingadores (Portugal)

Drax the Destroyer – Drax il Distruttore (Italy)

Star Lord – Űrlord; “Space Lord” (Hungary)

Rocket – Mordály; “Blunderbuss” (Hungary)

Groot – Grutas (Lithuania)

spiderman.jpgSpiderman – Pókember (Hungary)

Green Goblin – Le Bouffon Vert; “The Green Buffoon” (France)

Doctor Octopus – Doctor Pulpo (Mexico)

Professor X – X Professzor (Hungary)

Cyclops – “Laser Eye” (Hong Kong)

Storm – Tornade (France)

Magneto – Maqnetonum (Azerbaijan)

Wolverine – Jerv (Norway)

Rogue – Vampira (Brazil)

X-Men – Iksemenai (Lithuania)


Leah Simon

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