Marvel Superhero Names in Different Languages

The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ film is all set to make a devastating impact on our lives this weekend and as we prepare to welcome the 19th installment coming from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and celebrate the global reach of Marvel comics and movies, we list our favorite Marvel superhero names in different world languages! avengers.jpg Avengers – Vingadores (Portugal) Iron man – Der Eiserne; “The Iron One” (Germany) Loki – “Evil God” (Hong Kong) Thor – Tors (Latvia) Hulk – “The Green Giant” (Hong Kong) Captain America – Kapteeni Amerikka (Finland) Drax the Destroyer – Drax il Distruttore (Italy) Star Lord – Űrlord; “Space Lord” (Hungary) Rocket – Mordály; “Blunderbuss” (Hungary) Groot – Grutas (Lithuania) spiderman.jpg Spiderman – Pókember (Hungary) Green Goblin – Le Bouffon Vert; “The Green Buffoon” (France) Doctor Octopus – Doctor Pulpo (Mexico) Professor X – X Professzor (Hungary) Cyclops – “Laser Eye” (Hong Kong) Storm – Tornade (France) Magneto – Maqnetonum (Azerbaijan) Wolverine – Jerv (Norway) Rogue – Vampira (Brazil) X-Men – Iksemenai (Lithuania)


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