Lebanon: 10 Things You Must Do and See

Lebanon is a magical and historical destination to visit at any time of the year. From non-stop parties to unforgettable scenery, rich history, and exquisite cuisine, your trip to Lebanon is far from being a forgettable one. It is not uncommon for Lebanese people to mix Lebanese Arabic with English and French in everyday conversation; making the language a more simplified version of Arabic and easier for English speakers to pick up. 

To make your trip a worthwhile visit we narrowed down some of the most important things to do when visiting this amazing trilingual country. 

When you’re in Lebanon make sure you: 

1) Party Like There’s No Tomorrow 

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Lebanon is quite famous for its clubbing scene. Some of the options you can try are BO18, The o1ne, Grand Factory, and Skybar (If you’re visiting during the summer). The Lebanese tradition is having something to eat after partying and the must-go-to place is ZWZ (Zaatar W Zeit) where you’ll meet everyone coming back from a party. To top it all off at the break of dawn have a Knefeh, a desert to die for (as the Lebanese people refer to it). 

2) Try Lebanese Mezza 

Lebanese food definitely needs no introduction and we bet you’ve already heard of Lebanese Mezza. Let’s face it, the best and healthiest place to eat Lebanese food is where it was created and trust us it’s out of this world! 

Looking at it makes you want to grab it right out of the screen, imagine having it in front of you. 

3) Visit the Old Souk of Byblos 


Byblos is a world heritage site, and it is believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Some scholars even say that writing was invented in ancient Byblos. Even those who are not particularly interested in archaeology will find the site fascinating given its incredible history. souk 

4) Give Lebanese Street Food a Taste

From shawarma or falafel, the best sandwiches can be found at quaint restaurants and food kiosks. When you say falafel, you say Sahyoun. When you say shawarma, you say Abou Joseph. According to the country’s premier food blog, ‘NoGarlicNoOnions’ – “Sahyoun should be a generic name to all falafel sandwiches.”

5) Visit Popular Streets During Happy Hour

Social gatherings happen from 5:00 pm until around 8:00 pm in the streets of Mar Mikhael, Hamra, Badaro, and Gemmayze and all drinks are served at half the original price. People gather around for drinks and nice music while enjoying the colorful streets of Beirut. 

6) Visit Balou Balaa in Tannourine

The British daily newspaper ‘The Guardian’ has recently advised its readers and nature lovers who focus on adventurous trips and are looking for stunning waterfalls to visit Balou Balaa Falls (also known as the Baatara Gorge Waterfall) in Batroun – North of Lebanon. The ranking came in a top 20 listicle, selected from readers’ tips, recommendations, and travel advice.

7) Visit Jeita Grotto 


image via Jeita Grotto

For those who haven’t been to Jeita Grotto yet, you are missing out. The otherworldly formations of the limestone, sculpted through centuries by water and time, have made this Lebanese national symbol a top tourist destination and a source of pride for all of Lebanon. 

8) Visit the Raouche Corniche

A delightful walk along the sea, it is a social spot where playing children, cyclists and joggers are gratefully using the wide pavement. Small vendors are selling coffee, tea, and snacks such as nuts, corn and ‘ka-ik’ – a typical Lebanese round-shaped bread.

9) Visit the Ruins of Baalbek


image via ancient.eu

The Roman temple complex in Baalbek is one of the Middle East’s major archaeological highlights. It would be hard to state how much these ruins will impress you. The fact that the Romans built all of this 2,000 years ago is mesmerizing. Baalbek is one of the most mysterious ruins of the Roman Empire, imagine a two-thousand-year-old temple that sits on three thousand-ton stone blocks. How could they do that? Astonishing!

10) Visit the Ancient City of Tyre (Sour)

The southern city of Tyre, in particular, has a very rich story, and this can be observed by the many ruins that are found there. Tyre is an ancient city of great historical importance and not only for Lebanon. It carries a long history of decisive events of the ancient world long before modern society. 

Are you planning a trip to Lebanon? Learn Lebanese Arabic online and create a truly memorable experience by connecting with the locals and to your surroundings.

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