Illiteracy in the United States: A Bigger Issue Than Most Think

Did you know that there are upwards of 36 million adults in the United States that can’t read, write or do math above a third-grade level? Illiteracy is a surprisingly large issue in the United States.

Reading is something many of us take advantage of.

What causes illiteracy?

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You might be wondering how someone is illiterate but it’s actually not all that uncommon, even in today’s day and age. Adult illiteracy is typically caused by;

  • Parents who are illiterate or have little schooling
  • Lack of books and reading materials in the house when growing up
  • Little understanding of readings importance
  • Doing very poorly in school or even dropping out
  • Learning disabilities, such as dyslexia

Parents have an extremely strong impact on a child’s literacy level. Children with parents who have low literacy levels have a 72% chance of also having low literacy levels.

What aspects of life does illiteracy impact?

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Close your eyes and think of all of the things you need to be able to read for. Outside of the obvious not being able to read a recipe or a comic book, illiteracy can hinder so many other things many of us view as human rights.

Things such as; voting, paying bills, banking, and dealing with things like mortgages.

“It doesn’t just have a negative effect on that person’s life but on the overall health and well-being of our country,” says Professor Leigh A. Hall.

Illiteracy is Multigenerational


Child, Girl, Young, Caucasian, Childhood, DaughterIt all begins with the attitude. If a child’s parents can’t read, they’re likely to discourage their child from reading. Concordia University – Portland suggests that it stems from the parent’s frustration with their own illiteracy. Illiterate parents tend to avoid literacy involved, enriching activities.

Are you illiterate for life?

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Many illiterate people struggle with finding the worth in literacy as it typically goes unaddressed for some time.

However, it’s never too late! At 69 years-old Normal Annex told Vice, he’s happy that he has the time now to finally learn.

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