How to Say “I Love You” in 20 Languages

When three little words are combined they create a powerful and life-changing phrase ‘I love you’. This romantic phrase not only has the power to spark joy but also has the ability to bring people together. It is used around the world in every language and has the same positive effects. 

Impress that special someone by declaring your love and learning how to say ‘I love you’ in 20 different languages. Whether you choose to say the words, write them down or do both, this romantic gesture is sure to make the person feel truly special! 

So next time you say the phrase ‘I love you’ why not say it a little differently. 

“I love you” in American Sign language


“I love you” in Chinese


Pronounced: Wǒ ài nǐ 

“I love you” in Italian

Ti amo 

Pronounced: Tee ah-mo 

“I love you” in Spanish

Te quiero

Pronounced: Teh kieroh 

“I love you” in Arabic

أنا أحبك 

Pronounced: Ana ahebak 

“I love you” in Vietnamese

Tôi mến bạn

Pronounced: Th-oi eew ban 

“I love you” in Japanese


Pronounced: Ai shi te ru

“I love you” in Korean


Pronounced: Saranghae

“I love you” in Russian

Я люблю тебя

Pronounced: Ya tebya lyublyu

“I love you” in Portuguese

Eu te amo

Pronounced: Ew tee yaamoo

“I love you” in Urdu

میں تم سے پیار کرتا ہوں

Pronounced: Main tum se pyar karta hun

“I love you” in Farsi

دوستت دارم

Pronounced: doostet daaram

“I love you” in Tagalog

Mahal kita

Pronounced: Mahal kita

“I love you” in Ukrainian

я тебе люблю

Pronounced: Ya tebe lyublyu

“I love you” in Swedish

jag älskar dig

Pronounced: Ja aehlsskahr dey

“I love you” in Gujarati

હું તને પ્રેમ કરું છુ

Pronounced: Huṁ tanē prēma karuṁ chu

“I love you” in Swahili


Pronounced: Na ku penda

“I love you” in Hindi 

मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ

Pronounced: Main tumase pyaar karata hoon

“I love you” in German

Ich liebe dich

Pronounced: Eesh leeba deesch

“I love you” in French

Je t’aime

Pronounced: Juh tem


“I love you” using Emojis

👀 ❤️ 👨🏼 (m)

👀 ❤️ 👩🏼 (f)

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