How To Maintain Your Integrity In The Workplace

Ethics are involved in many of our professional decisions everyday and they affect us as individuals and also those around us. In some of the toughest moments, it can be hard to maintain your integrity.  The Oxford English Dictionary defines ethics as: “The moral principles governing or influencing conduct.” When we are dishonest, not only do we lose the trust of others, but we also undermine our own integrity and it can be a double-edged sword at times. What may seem right to one person can seem unspeakable to another. Being aware of how to make ethical decisions is an essential practice in the workplace.

30 tips for maintaining your integrity at work with ethical decision making:

maintain your integrity

      1. Lead by example
      2. Never give the impression that you don’t care that improper actions are taking place.
      3. Commit to being involved in the process.
      4. Anticipate ethical conflicts.
      5. Communicate with honesty
      6. Communicate with civility
      7. Be consistent.
      8. Listen
      9. Establish the language of ethics with those in your office and set the boundaries
      10. Accept that people will have different standards within this framework
      11. Remember that people are normally not as ethical as they think they are.
      12. Define ethical expectations early in new relationships.
      13. Be prepared to redefine ethical expectations in established relationships.
      14. Support your team’s efforts to uphold high standards for ethical conduct, communicate about ethics, and solve ethical dilemmas.
      15. Pay attention to details. Be organized.
      16. Use the communication process
      17. Ask questions.
      18. Watch your own cynicism.
      19. See things as they are, not as you want them to be.
      20. Believe that virtue is its own reward and have faith in this
      21. Be your own brand (fitness, strong self-esteem, positivity and your reputation as a person of integrity.
      22. Be patient with yourself
      23. Be patient with others
      24. Stay focused.
      25. Speak up whenever you feel more unethical behaviours are slipping in
      26. Have the courage to reset ethical boundaries
      27. Stand by the agreed boundaries
      28. Look for the best motives and prepare for the not so positive motives
      29. Challenge yourself.
      30. Keep learning

Code of conduct, code of ethics, or ethics standards- whatever we call it, it is a key factor in boosting pride in our workplace.  Remember to maintain your integrity if you want to be an ethical business.


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