Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Thoughtful (And Unique) Gifts

The end of the year 2019 is almost upon us, and if you’re still wondering what Christmas and New Year gifts to buy for your loved ones, then worry not. We’ve got you covered!

The joy of giving and receiving presents is no doubt multiplied when the gift has been carefully chosen, well thought of and can enhance the person’s life. Sure you would want them to absolutely LOVE the presents you give, but with this comes the pressure of choosing the right gift for the right person. 

So to make things easier, we’ve narrowed down a list of 10 thoughtful and unique gift options that work for both the men and women in your life.  

1. The Gift of Better Sleep

Night Swannies
Price: $69

It is common knowledge now that blue light emitted from our devices have a negative impact on our sleep cycles, keeping our brains active even through the wee hours of the night. Enter: Night Swannies! These sleek glasses are designed to block out blue light that can keep you from having a deep, restful sleep. 

All you have to do is put these on a few hours before bedtime and go on with your usual routine. We all know someone who likes to unwind with Netflix, has the habit of working late at night or uses their phone right before they sleep. The night Swannies are an absolute heaven-sent for those! 

2. The Gift of Living Mindfully 

The Mindfulness App
Price: $79.99 (for a yearly subscription)

We have all heard the phrase ‘live in the moment’. With the age of distraction practicing mindfulness has never been more necessary. We know that meditation is awesome but most of us have failed to start or stick to a consistent practice. The Mindfulness App makes it easy to stick to a routine and is the perfect present for anyone who wants to bring more balance and calm into their lives.

You get timed and guided meditations ranging from 3 to 30 minutes per session with many features to help incorporate daily meditation into your life.  

3. The Gift of Productivity 

Panda Planner
Price: Starting from $24.97  

Just when we thought that manual note-taking and journaling was on the way out, the Panda Planner is pushing through and quickly became popular with its scientifically-designed planners. Designed to improve our productivity and boost happiness, the Panda Planner will develop positive attitudes, organize your life and help you flourish in every way.

The planner is undated and we love how it includes daily, weekly and monthly sections perfect for setting goals.

4. The Gift of Healthy Drinks

Price: Starting from $8.98

The culture of tea drinking dates back thousands of years. The love of tea has bound many cultures together for millennia with tea being an integral part of all their festivals and get-togethers. Drinking tea has many benefits and DavidsTea offers many options for relaxation, sleep, detox, focus and much more.  

5. The Gift of Staying Hydrated 

LARQ Bottles
Price: $95

This one is for your health-conscious friends who love to stay hydrated but are conscious of the quality of water they consume (I mean who isn’t right?). The Larq water bottle is not just another water bottle, here’s the kicker, it automatically purifies the water you put in it, neutralizing up to 99.9999% of odor-causing bacteria in a nontoxic way using UV-C light. It looks ultra-cool and comes with multiple functions you’d expect from a great bottle. 

6. The Gift of Healthy Snacking 

This Bar Saves Lives
Price: $23.99 for 12 

Imagine gifting someone a delicious snack pack that also saves lives by providing life-saving food to malnourished children around the world. These super healthy snacks make great stocking stuffers. They are packed with nutrition and energy and are filled with natural ingredients. The holiday season can be overburdening as far as calories are concerned, so might as well gift something healthy instead that also gives back to those in need. (Double win!)

7. The Gift of Home Cooking 

Blue Aprons
Price: Starting at $59

Wholesome meals can add joy to your life but with our busy lifestyles, it’s often hard to find the time to cook a meal. When gifting a home cooking service you don’t get pre-cooked meals, what you get is carefully measured high-quality ingredients and great recipes to enjoy your meals at home. This makes the entire cooking process easier and less of a chore.

8. The Gift of Learning 

Price: $12.99 – $59.99

5 great ways to learn languages online

A lot of us have the desire to learn a new language but have not managed to do so until now. Learning a new language has countless benefits. It helps you connect with people from different cultures, it improves your memory, keeps your mind sharper for longer and it’s a great addition to your resume. If you can’t decide what language to gift then our language course bundle includes 5 popular languages or you can choose any 160+ languages available as a single course. With every course you gift, one course will be donated to someone in need of education. 

9. The Gift of Nature 

Click and Grow
Price: Starting from $99.9

A truly unique gift for organic and plant lovers. Plants are proven to improve health through consumption, improves air quality and overall happiness. Imagine giving a whole garden as a present! Well, a mini one anyway. The Click and Grow Smart Garden is a self-watering indoor garden and can grow 45 different types of fruits, herbs, and leafy greens.

Who wouldn’t want a smart indoor garden, the size of a box, that you can simply plug-in, water and watch the greens grow!

10. The Gift of WellBeing  

Price: Starting at $299

This is a new take on wearable technology. This sleek piece of jewelry can monitor your sleep cycle, your steps, your pulse, and your heart rate. You can track your sleep activity and performance during the day in a super stylish way. 

We are sure that if you’ve read this far, you’ve found more than one gift idea that has really spoken to you. You no longer have to be in doubt and can find the perfect thing that resonates with you and the person you are gifting too. 

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