Flirting in Spanish: Top Words and Phrases

With every country and language comes a different culture and a different way to approach a person you find attractive. Spanish is widely spoken in over 20 countries and you never know when you might bump into a beautiful Spanish Señorita or handsome Spanish Señor.

The Spanish language is known to be very expressive, tied with melodic sounds, making it one of the most romantic languages to learn. For example, there are many ways to say ‘I love you’ in Spanish such as te amo – I love you  (serious and deep love), te quiero – I love you (more casual love), te adoro – I adore you  (passionate love).

So whether you are planning a trip to a Spanish speaking country or trying to get with a friend you have romantic feelings for, here are 16 phrases to introduce you to the world of flirting in Spanish. So are you ready to get flirtatious in another language?

16 Top Phrases Used When Flirting In Spanish

Spanish English 
Estás guapo(M)

Estás guapa (F)

You look beautiful
Te quiero I love you/I want you
Cariño  Dear/darling/sweetheart
Example: Hola Cariño 
Tengo los ojos llenos de ganas de verte My eyes are full of desire to see you
No puedo dejar de pensar en ti I can’t stop thinking about you
Podría perderme en tus ojos I could lose myself in your eyes
Tu voz es música para mis oídos Your voice is music to my ears
Te adoro I adore you
Te amo más que nada en el mundo! I love you more than anything in the world!
Eres el amor de mi vida You are the love of my life
Te quiero con todo mi corazón I love you with all of my heart
Me haces feliz You make me happy
Pienso en ti siempre I always think of you
Eres la mujer de mis sueños (f)
Eres el hombre de mis sueños (m)
You are the woman of my dreams
You are the man of my dreams
Tienes una sonrisa muy bonita. You have a beautiful smile 
Qué bien hueles You smell nice
Me vuelves loca (f)
Me vuelves loco (m)
You drive me crazy

learn for love

Flirting is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and by dropping a few flirtatious Spanish words and phrases in your conversation you are sure to get their attention! Remember to be yourself, portray confidence and make lots of eye contact. If they laugh, smile or flirt back you know it’s working 🙂

Learning more about the Spanish culture and speaking their native language is a sure way to connect and impress your love interest. Take our online Spanish course and go more in-depth with the poetic Spanish language.

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