Flirting in Arabic: Top Words and Phrases

Every country and every culture has a different way of flirting. In some societies flirting is more subtle while in other countries it comes more naturally such as Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and Egypt. In the Arab world, when it comes to flirting, you need to focus on a few important points such as showing real attention to the other person. Show that you care and that you are interested in learning more about them. Ask them questions about their like their likes and dislikes, their goals and dreams. Compliment new looks or changes in style, they are probably doing that to impress you!

We have listed some of the best phrases you can use to flirt in Arabic with your crush, or your loved one. These words and phrases are guaranteed to make your significant other melt. You can use them on any occasion whether it be in person or texting and these phrases are sure to slide right into the heart and draw a wide smile.


أنت جميل

Anta jameel

You are beautiful! (male)


أنتي جميلة

Antee jameelah

You are beautiful! (female)


حبيب قلبي /حبيبة قلبي

Habib albi / habibat albi  

Love of my Heart (male/ female)


انت حبيبي / انت حبيبتي

Enta Habibi / Enti habibati

You Are My love (male/ female)


يا قمر

Ya kamar

My Moon (male/female)


يا حلو / يا حلوة

Ya Helo / Ya helwa

My Beautiful (male/female)


يا روحي

Ya Rouhi 

You are my soul (male/ female)


انت قلبي

Ant qalbi

You are my heart


أنت حياتي

Ant hayati

You are my life


انت قلبي وروحي وحياتي

Ant qalbi waruhi wahayati

you are my heart, soul, and life


انت عيوني

Ant euyuni

you are my eyes


سوف أحبك حتى نهاية الوقت

Sawf’ahabak hataa nihayat alwaqt

I will love you till the end of time


لديك عيون جميلة

Ladayk euyun jamila

You have beautiful eyes


ابتسامتك جميلة

Ibtisamatuk jamila

Your smile is beautiful


أظن أنك جذاب

Athonno annaka jath thaab

I think you’re cute  (male)


أظن أنكي جذابة

Athonno annakee jath thaabah

I think you’re cute (female)

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