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The FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia kicks-off in under a week and there’s been a scramble for learning Russian all around the world by Football Fans! Russia is a vast country with 11 different time zones and equally varying cultural differences from the countries one corner to the other. It is home to some of the best architects, writers, composers, musicians, and poets in the world. With its vast history dating back to the 10th century and rich culture aside, 2018 marks the first time in history that Russia is hosting the Football World Cup, and everyone around the world has been looking forward to this potentially historic event hosted across 11 different cities across Russia including Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you are on your way to Russia to witness one of the largest sporting events in the world, you may want to brush-up on your Russian before you land! Here is a list of common Russian Words and Phrases that you will find useful as you navigate around the different Russian cities the next couple of weeks.

1) Useful Greetings:

Good morning – Доброе утро (dobraye ootro) Good afternoon – Добрый день (dobriy den’) Good evening – Добрый вечер (dobriy vyecher) Thank you – Спасибо (spaseeba) Please – Пожалуйста (pazhaloosta) You’re welcome – Пожалуйста (pazhaloosta) Excuse me – Простите (prasteete)

2) Travel Phrases:

Where is…? – Где…? (gdye) Metro – Метро (med-tro) Airport – Аэропорт (air-a-port) Train station – Вокзал (vawk-zal) Hotel – Отель (O-tel) Stadium – Стадион (sta-dee-on)

3) Football Phrases

World Cup – Чемпионат мира по футболу (Chempionat mira po futbolu) Goal – Гол (gol) Penalty – Пенальти (penal-ti) To kick – Пинать (peen-nyat) Final – Финал (feenal) Ball – Мяч (meyach) Pass – Пас (pas)

4) Survival Phrases:

I don’t understand – Я не понимаю (ya ne ponee-my-you) Do you understand? – Вы понимаете? (Vee ponee-my-etay?) What does … mean? – Что значит …? (shto znachit … ?) How do you say…in Russian? – Как сказать…по русски? (Kak skazat’…pa ruski?) Can you repeat that please? – Вы можете повторить это? (vee mo-zshee-tey puff-ta-reet eta?) There you have it: the essential words and phrase list for the ultimate 2018 World Cup experience! Remember that anytime you’re learning new words or phrases its practice that makes perfect. Why not sign up for a quick crash-course on Russian language and practice your Russian speaking skills?

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