English Phrases You Need to Know This Summer

English Phrases You Need to Know This Summer

Ever hear expressions said in contexts that make no sense? The English language, with its kinks, twists and quirks, can seem complex, when in reality it is a truly a fun language with beach bags of character. With the heat of summer and the hope of vacation upon us, here are 20 unique phrases and their meanings relating to the holidays that’ll definitely help you seem like a native speaker!

1. It’s a scorcher = a very hot day.

2. The dog days of summer = the hottest period of the summer, usually between July and August.

3. Soak up some sun = to spend some time in the sun and get a tan.


4. One swallow does not make a summer = an expression that means that just because one good thing has happened doesn’t necessarily indicate that the tendency will continue. 

5. To beat the heat = to escape the heat of summer.

6. Indian summer = an unusually warm, dry period in the autumn, almost like an extension of summer.

7. A ray of sunshine = someone or something that makes you happy.


8. Hot under the collar = to be very angry about something.

9. Like a cat on a hot tin roof = when someone is restless and unable to sit still.

10. Full of hot air = when someone says things that sound unbelievable, or talks nonsense about things they know little about.

11. Travel on a shoestring = to travel as cheaply as possible.

12. Hit the town = to go out and have fun.

13. Hitchhike/thumbing it = to catch a ride from a passing motorist.

14. Live out of a suitcase = to stay very briefly in several places, never unpacking one’s luggage.

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15. Summer fling = a short romance during the summer holidays.

16. To kick back = to relax.

17. Off the beaten path = a place which is not frequently visited or not widely known.

18. Take a dip = to go swimming.

19. Travel light = to travel without a lot of luggage/bags.

20. It’s crazy hot today = It’s very hot today.

Hope you enjoyed our summer idioms, and now it’s time to make hay while the sun lasts (do something while the conditions or situation is right)! If you like this blog, check out our Coolest Travel Idioms in the World.

Leah Simon

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