NOAA Uses Education to Boost Resilience During Emergencies

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) hosts a yearly workshop on resilience education.

The Environmental Literacy Program offers competitive grants that help communities build the environmental literacy necessary for resilience to extreme weather events and other environmental hazards.

Preparedness and resilience are both extremely important factors when it comes to emergencies. Staying calm during an emergency can save lives.

Their aim with these grants is to provide children and communities in high-risk areas with the proper education to prepare and survive throughout a disaster.

Some tips from NOAA are;

Pay attention to the news

If you’re concerned about losing power, you can buy your house a battery, crank, or solar-powered flashlight/NOAA Weather Radio.

It’s especially important when there’s a risk of power loss. Staying constantly updated can help prepare you for the worst.

sign up for notifications

Be sure to sign up for severe weather alerts on your phone. There are many apps like The Weather Channel

NOAA suggests that you find out what your town’s alternative warnings are, as well. In some towns that may be a siren or a phone call directly to your home.

Create a Communications Plan

The administration suggests putting a plan in place for the various emergencies life may present to us. These should include where and how you will meet up in the case of getting separated.

The most important part of these plans is practicing it! It’s crucial that your family, especially the younger members, know what to expect and how to act during these emergencies.

prepare your home

Once your family is prepared, it’s wise to move onto your home. Projects as simple as reinforcing the windows before the storm will work but avoid that by installing stronger windows.

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Check-in on Neighbors

Often in these situations, the elderly need help. Once it’s safe to do so, check up on your neighbors. If the power is out, some elderly people rely heavily on machinery to assist them with their everyday lives. They may need your help.

It’s amazing to note that the right mindset and skills can make all the difference when it comes to survival. NOAA is attempting to save lives through education.

Where did you learn about emergency preparedness? What are your tips?

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