Common Jordanian Arabic Words and Phrases

Jordan is a modern and beautiful country, with a holy river, and ancient culture. Jordan has welcomed visitors with open hearts for centuries with its World Heritage Sites, friendly towns and astonishing desert landscapes.

We have gathered common Jordanian Arabic words and phrases to make your trip to Jordan easier and to also create a more authentic experience.

Popular Jordanian words and phrases 

English Arabic – transliteration
Good morning / Good evening Salam wa aleïkoum / Leïla saîda
How are you? Kifak?
Fine, thank you, and you? Bikher hamdulillah
I understand / I don’t understand Af’ham / La af’ham
Sorry Ana asif
Goodbye Ma’asalama
Thank you Choukran
I like it / I don’t like it Ana bHeb / Ana ma bHeb
What time is it? Addaysh essa’aa?
Today (morning/midday/evening) Al-youm (soubeh / ba’ad deher / massa)
I am here on vacation Ana fi ootla / Ana mossafir
I am here for business Ana houna lil aamal
Have a nice day! Naharek saiid!
Cheers! Bi saha!
I would like to go to… Ana badeh ruh ala…

These phrases will make communication and moving around the country easier on your next visit to Jordan. Take an Arabic language course to learn more about the language and how to communicate in different situations when visiting or living in an Arab country.

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