Christmas in July – Its A Wonderful Thing

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The sun is scorching; humidity is at an all-time high; everyone is looking forward to having ice-lollies and summer salads and here we are talking about having a warm, heavy Christmas roast dinner instead. Well, it might be surprising to some of you but Christmas in July is actually more common than you might think. It is celebrated all over the world and although, everyone might have their own explanation for celebrating Christmas midyear, some of these reasons might actually win you over. Let us start with the soundest argument for celebrating Christmas in July. A lot of you might be familiar with the fact that the Southern Hemisphere’s seasons are not in line with those experienced in the Northern Hemisphere. In fact, they are the complete opposite with winter coming to countries like Australia in the month of June and lasting until August. The traditional summer months are actually sweater-weather months for them, perfectly befitting the picturesque image of Christmas that most of us have in our minds – houses blanketed in snow; everyone sipping on some hot chocolate or eggnog and just sitting all cozied up by the fireplace. girl-on-windy-winter-beach-800px.png So, it seems quite reasonable that people in these regions celebrate the joyed and beautiful holiday when the weather is actually ideal for it. All the hullaballoo that you might associate with Christmas, be it restaurants introducing special Christmas menus; children wanting to meet Santa or just randomly hearing Christmas carols in every store, all of it takes place with just as much vigor in July! In the Blue Mountains in Australia, Christmas in July is commonly referred to as Yulefest and has become a major tourist attraction with people traveling from all over the world to enjoy the celebrations and hear about the origin of the tradition. And while Australia and other countries such as Brazil, New Zealand, and South Africa celebrate Christmas in the month of July, the 25th of December is a national public holiday in all these countries as well. Another reason for celebrating Christmas more than once a year is that it is one of the most awaited holidays of the year. Almost everyone is on vacation and in a festive mood and the core purpose of the holiday revolves around spreading joy, giving presents, eating special food and most importantly, spending time with family and friends. Hence, it should come as no surprise that people, even in the Northern Hemisphere, want to recreate the goodness of Christmas on a completely different day of the year, despite the unfavorable weather. family-christmas.png However, there are some people that prefer not to support or acknowledge these celebrations as they believe it reduces the value of the actual festival and belittles the religious aspect of it. Along with the people that do celebrate Christmas in July in the hopes of reliving the holiday season, the stores also participate in the celebrations and try to help recreate the atmosphere felt in December. However, it can be debated that merchants just use this opportunity as a marketing tool to sell their products in more than one season and have a vested interest in people celebrating Christmas twice. But this commercialization of the holiday shouldn’t stop you from celebrating it again as it is, at the end of the day, a win-win situation for anyone celebrating! The stores are stocked with everything that you need and if, according to you, 365 days is a bit too much to wait and you would rather prefer Christmas to take place twice a year then, go ahead! After all, it is a great reason to get together with all your family!

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