Chinese Travel Phrases You Need to Know Before You Visit China

Given its rich history and ancient culture, huge population, vast territory and diverse geographical features, China can be a jaw-dropping experience for even the most seasoned of travelers.

Think Forbidden City, the rice terraces of Guilin, Emperor Qin’s Terra Cotta Army in Xian, the Pudong District’s futuristic skyline, the great wall, and the list just goes on!

Even more jaw-dropping are these cool facts about the Chinese language.

  1. Nearly 1.2 billion people speak some form of Chinese as their first language. That’s 13% of the world’s total population!
  2. Mandarin Chinese is the name given to the standard Chinese language, spoken by over 955 million native speakers worldwide.
  3. It’s a tonal language with only one grammatical form.
  4. Chinese is written right to left in vertical columns, and it shares one writing system of about 40,000 symbols, which are ‘universally’ comprehensible!
  5. Mandarin Chinese is also one of the six UN official languages.

Chinese travel phrases you need to know:


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