Five Amazing Benefits to Being Left-Handed

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    They're More Likely to be Successful Leaders: Lefties possess strong creative, analytical and communication skills. All key parts of being a great leader, their ability to analyze and creatively solve an issue make them a great candidate.

Happy Left-Handers Day, world!

Every August 13th for the past 22 years, Left-Handers Day has been celebrated. It’s estimated that only 10% of the population shares this dominant hand. The day is intended to be a celebration of this unique trait and raise awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being a lefty.

Let’s take a look at some lefty facts;

they’re more likely to be successful leaders

Lefties are known to be more creative, analytical, and have better language skills. Strong language skills are of the utmost importance in leadership roles.

Left-handed people possess strong analytical skills as well, which could be the cause for promotion after they note the leftie’s attention to detail. These analytical skills can be put to work when reviewing someone’s work as well, which is a skill anyone in a creative criticism role can benefit from.

they’re proven to be more creative

Lefties are associated with superior divergent thinking, per Business Insider. Their brains are able to explore possible solutions and generate creative ideas based on existing information.

Left-handers are extremely right-brained. The right brain controls many aspects of life that lefties usually prosper in. They’re more conceptual, intuitive and imaginative.

they tend to be better drivers

In a study of 1500 drivers conducted by a car insurance company found that lefties were less likely to get into accidents, says Readers Digest.

The researchers speculate that it probably has to do with the fact that cars are made with the other 90% of the world in mind, for righties. They believe that those who are left-handed simply have to pay more attention while they’re driving.

It’s worth noting that in the U.K. right-handed people cause fewer accidents than their left-handed counterparts.

they’re more likely to be ambidextrous

They use the world’s inconveniences to strengthen their right hand’s skills. Many lefties become ambidextrous simply because they have to adapt. Everything from buttoning a shirt to writing with a pencil is a nuisance when you’re a lefty.

It’s extremely rare to be ambidextrous and many cases of ambidexterity stem from the old teachings of the Catholic church associating the left with the devil. However, there’s still only 1% of the population that is ambidextrous and they almost always start with a left dominant hand, says Bustle.

they’re better on the field, too!

Did you know that 30% of Major League Baseball’s star pitchers pitch left-handed?

Lefties seem to do better with time crunches, says Readers Digest. Researchers believe it has to do with a right-hander’s inability to gauge and appropriately guess a leftie’s move from their body language.

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