How Ikigai Can Improve Your Life

It’s so human to wonder about your purpose. In Japan, people are searching for and finding their true purposes. The concept of ikigai has taken over Japan and it means “a reason for being.”

Emojis: The New Hieroglyphics


If you were on the computer in the early 2000s, you likely remember AIM, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, and all of the other instant messaging services before iMessage. Those of us old enough to remember these programs know that these new emojis aren’t the first of their kind.

ASL Signs for Hospitality: The Essentials

If you’re in the hospitality industry you deal with so many people from different backgrounds. While working at a hotel or on a cruise you will likely encounter someone who is Deaf, non-verbal, or hard of hearing. Knowing ASL signs for hospitality will give your resumé a major boost and help you stand out. 

Russian vs. Spanish: The Differences & Similarities

russian vs. spanish

Have you ever wondered what the similarities between Spanish and Russian are? What about the differences? Perhaps you’re thinking of learning a new language or planning on traveling on that side of the globe. Whatever it may be – these are important things to remember before you dive into the thrilling world of language learning. Russian vs. Spanish: Speakers There’s about 559...

Mexican Culture vs. American Culture: The Biggest Differences

mexican culture

Sure, we’re not that far from Mexico. We feel their influence and enjoy many of their specialties such as their food. Although we see aspects of their culture here, Mexican culture relies heavily on tradition and respect. In America, we’re only given a short glimpse into native Mexican culture. Here are a few of the major differences we see; Family Values Family life is huge in Mexico...

10 Spanish Facts You Probably Don’t Know

spanish facts

These Spanish facts are sure to impress the language enthusiast in you and may just be the sign you were waiting for to take the leap and start your journey into learning Spanish and discovering the amazing Español culture.

5 Courses Every Recent Graduate Should Take

recent graduate

It’s mid-August. Typically, you’d be gearing up to go back to school. Only this year is different, you just graduated three months ago. Here comes the dreaded “Well actually, I’m a recent graduate” answer when people ask for experience. If you don’t already have a job, you’re not alone it takes many recent grads up to six months after graduation to find a...

Five Amazing Benefits to Being Left-Handed


Happy Left-Handers Day, world! Every August 13th for the past 22 years, Left-Handers Day has been celebrated. It’s estimated that only 10% of the population shares this dominant hand. The day is intended to be a celebration of this unique trait and raise awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being a lefty. Let’s take a look at some lefty facts; they’re more likely to...

Illiteracy in the United States: A Bigger Issue Than Most Think


Did you know that there are upwards of 36 million adults in the United States that can’t read, write or do math above a third-grade level? Illiteracy is a surprisingly large issue in the United States. Reading is something many of us take advantage of. What causes illiteracy? You might be wondering how someone is illiterate but it’s actually not all that uncommon, even in...

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