ASL Signs for Hospitality: The Essentials

If you’re in the hospitality industry you deal with so many people from different backgrounds. While working at a hotel or on a cruise you will likely encounter someone who is Deaf, non-verbal, or hard of hearing. Knowing ASL signs for hospitality will give your resumé a major boost and help you stand out. 

There are asl signs for hospitality, specifically?

There are many words and phrases in spoken English that those in the hospitality industry use on a daily basis. Many of these words are not commonplace or used as frequently anywhere else.

Check out these seven phrases used commonly in the hospitality industry. 


asl for hospitalityFor this sign, you’ll want to mimic a plane taking off of the runway. If you’re in any major city, there’s likely an airport nearby. It wouldn’t be surprising for you to run into the need for this sign. 


asl for hospitalityMaybe you need to ask someone if they have luggage or if they need it stored. Whatever it may be you can signal this by using one or both hands and pretending to lift up heavy luggage. 


This is one of the more crucial ASL signs for hospitality to know if you interact with a guest requesting a smoking friendly area. It’s a very basic sign – you just act like you’re smoking with your middle and pointer fingers. 


This sign is just as important as the last! This is an ASL sign you need to know in hospitality in case they specifically ask for a non-smoking room. In the United States, a majority of the hotels are non-smoking but that’s not the case everywhere else. 


If you know any sign at all, it should be this! “Welcome” is likely the first thing you’ll have to say to a guest. This ASL sign for hospitality is super simple and you simply put out your right hand, slightly cupped and swoop it down. 


You need to know this sign in case someone asks you for directions to a train station or about train times. In Europe, travel by train is wildly popular – you can travel by train from country to country!


asl for hospitality

Of all of the ASL signs for hospitality, this is likely the most important.

No matter what your job is, there’s probably payment involved at some point. This sign is straightforward – simply face your palm out and rub your pointer fingers knuckle down your palm. Similar to how you would swipe a credit card. 

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