Arabic Phrases Useful to Learn During Ramadan

Arabic Phrases Useful to Learn During Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month in the religion of Islam and is marked by a time of required fasting. Observance of Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.  Ramadan takes place in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which is lunar-based., and therefore falls on a different date in the Gregorian calendar every year. 

Here’s our quick guide to useful phrases you should know in Arabic during the holy Month of Ramadan.


What is Ramadan?

The Holy Month of Ramadan is one of the most important and reflective times in the Islamic calendar. Considered to be the most sacred month, Muslims worldwide engage in spiritual reflection, practice self-discipline and fast from dawn to sunset.



The direction of the ka:ba in Mecca “makka”





Eid al-aDHa
(Day of Sacrifice)

A 4-day festival that starts about 70 days after the end of Ramadan, commemorating Ibrahim (known to some as Abraham) being ready to sacrifice his son

Eid al-fiTr

A festival at the end of Ramadan (the first three days of the month of Shawwal) to celebrate the completion of the month of fasting


The morning meal taken before the sun rises and the start of fasting during Ramadan


Beginning the daily fast, means the act rather than the time




The evening meal after sunset to break the daily fast during Ramadan

laylat al-kadr
(Night of Power)

One of the last nights of Ramadan, marking the anniversary of the revelation of the first verses from Qur’aan to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by Angel Gabriel

Eid mubaarak

Congratulatory greeting at the start of Eid. “kull :aam wa antum bikhayr” means “May every year finds you well”

Ramadan kareem

A common greeting during Ramadan, meaning “Wish you a generous Ramadan”. “kareem” means “generous”

Ramadan mubaarak

A common greeting during Ramadan. (“mubaarak” means “blessed”)


The way of the Prophet, meaning to follow his words and actions. Literally can be taken as the customs, practice or recommended behavior


Giving alms. It is especially important for Muslims to give zakaat during Ramadan

Learn more useful phrases in Arabic, to communicate with your Arabic speaking friends in this beautiful language.


Moaz Khan

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