200 Action Verbs to Use in Your New and Improved Resume

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Resume building is essential – it is the first piece of document reviewed by any recruiter and is used by any company to form a first impression to decide whether you are worth hiring. Action verbs are vital in resumes, to show what you have contributed and where you have added value, rather than just providing a job description.

Show how you can be an asset. Spice up your resume with our “I add Value”  list of 200 action verbs that can be used for specific jobs.

Sales and “Influencer” Roles:

Consulted          Negotiated         Documented     Obtained

Established        Performed          Identified           Planned

Improved           Promoted            Increased         Realized

Launched          Reduced             Led                   Solved

Maintained        Stimulated           Marketed         Surveyed


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Teaching Roles:

Advised              Demonstrated    Briefed              Educated

Built                    Effected             Certified             Empowered

Clarified              Expanded          Coached            Generated

Collaborated      Implemented      Coordinated       Lectured

Delegated          Set goals            Directed             Trained

Office Support Roles:

Administered      Hired                  Allocated            Implemented

Assisted             Improved            Awarded             Justified

Budgeted           Managed            Completed         Operated

Determined       Organized           Evaluated           Repaired

Executed           Resolved            Formulated         Started


Research and Analysis Roles:

Administered     Examined           Analyzed             Experimented

Audited              Explored            Calculated           Found

Collected           Identified            Compared           Investigated

Conducted         Obtained            Detected             Organized

Discovered        Researched        Evaluated           Surveyed

Financial and Management Roles:

Adjusted            Eliminated           Allocated             Financed

Appraised          Gained                Balanced             Generated

Calculated         Managed             Cut                      Projected

Developed         Reduced             Doubled               Saved

Downsized         Secured              Economized        Systematized


Mastering The Interview


Helping and Caregiving Roles:

Advised              Mentored           Aided                    Nursed

Assisted             Obligated           Boosted               Optimized

Braced               Provided            Contributed          Reformed

Diagnosed         Repaired            Encouraged         Represented

Facilitated          Settled               Guided                 Unified

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Communication and Creativity Roles:

Authored            Interpreted          Built                     Interviewed

Composed         Invented              Created               Lectured

Demonstrated    Produced            Designed             Projected

Developed         Publicized           Directed               Recruited

Facilitated          Stimulated          Formulated           Trained


Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio


Administration and Management Roles:

Advised              Managed             Authorized         Monitored

Consolidated      Pioneered           Delegated          Processed

Developed          Promoted           Directed              Referred

Enforced             Sponsored         Headed               Supervised

Initiated               Trained               Launched           Validated

Technical Roles:

Analyzed             Improved            Computed          Installed

Compiled             Launched           Conducted         Molded

Designed             Operated            Developed         Prepared

Drafted                 Processed          Expanded          Programmed

Formed                Networked          Generated         Systematized

Action Words for General Awesome Skills:

Accomplished    Achieved          Adapted           Arranged             Assured                          

Communicated  Conserved        Forecast          Founded             Governed          

Illustrated           Integrated         Led                  Navigated           Overhauled       

Prioritized           Proposed         Remodeled      Strengthened      Upgraded           

Won                    Wrote


For more tips on resumes that rock, check out Getting your Job Search Started.

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