8 Ways to Improve Your Speaking Skills in 2019

Learning a new language or even improving your communication skills in your native language is a long, persistent process – actually, the learning process never really stops.

Improving your skills in any language means improving many things: writing, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, listening, and speaking. So, it’s not as easy as it seems – it’s a complex process.

But today, we’ll cover only one aspect – speaking. You see, speaking is one of the most important and complex aspects of learning a language – you either write or speak, to speak correctly you need to know grammar rules, to know how to pronounce words properly, to have listening skills, and to have a large vocabulary.

But it will all come naturally sooner rather than later, and there’s a lot of unconventional ways to improve your speaking skills today.

Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting our best 8 ways to improve your speaking skills in 2019 fast and easy.

1. Work on Your Pronunciation and Diction

The first step in improving your speaking skills is learning how to pronounce the words correctly. Even if you’re not quite a beginner, there are still words that you don’t really know how to pronounce.

To be a good speaker means to pronounce correct every word not to take your time and wonder if a word is pronounced that way or not. As well, great speakers are working on their diction – when you speak all the words have to be spoken clearly so others can understand what you say.

Pronunciation and diction are crucial in becoming a great speaker – that’s why you must pay a lot of attention to these aspects.

2. Talk with Yourself in the Mirror

One of the best ways to practice your speaking skills is to talk yourself in the mirror. I know it might sound a little bit strange but think about it – you’re the only person alive that will never judge you, make fun of you, or make you feel ashamed.

Therefore, speaking aloud with yourself in the mirror about anything you want or anything you have on your mind is the best way to practice without feeling stressed that you pronounced something wrong.

As well, speaking in front of a mirror will help you look better when you speak if you try to use gestures, face mimics. Basically, you’ll look better, more charismatic when you speak and you’ll deliver your message more effective.

3. Listen Attentively to Natives Speakers

Another very effective way to improve your speaking skills is by learning by example – listening to the way native speakers speak.

You don’t have to listen to a boring conversation like the ones they put in school materials. You can listen to music, movies, interviews, audiobooks, or anything that you’d like to listen to.

4. Find Native Speaker to Talk to

One of the most common advice teachers used to give to improve our writing skills was to find a native pen friend. Now, since we’re talking about speaking not writing, you can find a native speaker to talk with through video or voice calls.

If you can find a native in the language you’re learning in your neighborhood it would be even better since you can actually meet and have the whole speaking experience – we all know that face-to-face conversations are far harder than the ones we hold online.

You can even ask that person to correct you every time you make a mistake or you pronounce a word wrong. And hey, maybe that person will become one of your closest friends in time, so it can be a win-win situation.

5. Read Books Aloud

This way reminds me of my childhood – even if I was in fourth grade I was still a child. To improve my speaking skills, my mother always made me read my lessons aloud and correct me when I made mistakes until I managed to read the story without any mistakes (usually, it took a while).

Of course, as a child, you’re not always disciplined and the learning process might take longer, but if you’re a grownup and you’re learning a new language you can focus better when you’re learning.

Anyhow, reading a book aloud (pages from a book) is a really good practice that is proven to improve your speaking skills. As well, the better you become you can read aloud more complicated books to step up your game and even learn new words.

6. Use Language Learning Apps

In order to improve a skill faster and more efficient, you should include this practice in everything you do. So, as most people spend pretty much time on their phones, you should at least spend some time improving your speaking skills.

How to do that, well today, there is an app for anything, so of course that there is an app that will help you improve your speaking skills.

Actually, this is also a simple and yet effective way that will definitively improve your speaking skills as it was created by an expert after all.

7. Expand Your Vocabulary

Usually, the greater the speaker is, the broader his vocabulary is. You see, to be a good speaker means to know how to pronounce correctly the words, but you must also know what they mean in order to use them in the right context.

Actually, expanding your vocabulary will come naturally if you’re really dedicated to improving your speaking skills.

Whenever you’ll read a book aloud you’ll pass by a word that you don’t know and the same goes wilt listening to music and watching movies. Of course, you need to be curious to search that word in the dictionary.

But no matter if it comes naturally or not, it is still mandatory if you really want to master your speaking skills.

8. Work on Your Confidence

The ultimate level in becoming a true master in your speaking skills is to work on your confidence.

It might not seem so important to you now, but just look or, even easier, imagine one good speaker that is insecure of his speaking skills and looks like his on the verge to stutter on a stage in front of many people, and one truly confident person who speaks like he can hold a magnificent speech even if you wake him from his sleep.

Can you see the difference now?

Your attitude is everything when you speak.


When it comes to speaking, you have to practice more than to learn and study – I mean you’ll learn through constant and effective practice. If you’re truly dedicated and disciplined with your improving process, in a matter of weeks you’ll turn from beginner level to almost expert level.

Remember that the only limit in improving your speaking is the one you put. You’re the only one that can put limits on your life.

Now that you found the best ways to improve your speaking skills, it’s time to start practicing until you can be mistaken for a native speaker.

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