8 Italian Phrases You Must Know Before Visiting Italy

Italians are joyful and passionate people who are proud of their zest for life and strong heritage, right from their mouth-watering food to their age-old family bound traditions.

Here are some phrases that will help and make you feel less like a tourist on your journey around this beautiful country with gorgeous people.

Che buono: ‘This is so good!

An informal way of giving a compliment, chances are that you will use this phrase every time you eat in Italy! Say it with a big, satisfied smile and you shall definitely make the chef very happy. 

Figurati!: ‘Don’t worry about it’ or ‘It’s nothing’

Use this when someone spills wine on you by mistake or thanks you for a great time out, you will seem humble and definitely more Italian! 

Grazie a Dio!: ‘Thank God!’

Finding a place to rest after a long day of walking around the city will definitely make you say ‘Thank God’. Be sure to pronounce the ‘a’ prominently or you could end up saying ‘Grazie, Dio’ which when literally translated will make you look as though you were talking to God himself; ‘Thanks, God’. 

Basta!: ‘Enough’

Is the vendor asking you to shop more even after you’ve dropped? Is your tummy full from all the delicious food and you’re offered more? Say ‘Basta!’ and put an end to it, though think twice about refusing the heaven like pasta! 

Andiamo: ‘Let’s go!’

Holidays are meant for late nights and very late mornings so when you want to rush your family or let the driver know that you’re good to go, use this phrase and they will step on it. 

Quanto Costa?: ‘How much?’

Don’t let the absence of price tags on your favorite souvenir and tricky bargaining skills get you down, ask them for the price in Italian and you might just get a better price than expected! 

Mi Dispiace: ‘I’m Sorry’

Nobody wants to be a rude and impolite tourist, especially when you bump into people at the crowded city center so go ahead and say ‘Mi Dispiace’. 

Dov’e la toilette?: ‘Where is the toilet?’

Doesn’t really need an explanation, does it?

If you enjoyed reading these and would like to pick-up on a few more Italian words/phrases or to simply brush up on your Italian, then check out the Italian Online Courses on Cudoo.

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