7 Languages to Win Hearts This Valentine’s Day

February 14th is fast approaching and the search for a valentine is on. Or if you have one, the quest to impress them should be leaving you with sleepless nights. Don’t worry – we have you covered! Language has knitted many a romantic story and has been known to bring people closer. Just what you need to win hearts and minds. 

Here are 7 languages that will give you the romantic edge this Valentine’s Day.


French language is easy to the ears. While the words and what they mean might not be different from English, the way it sounds is what gives French the title ‘Language of Love’, with that ‘je ne said quoi’! As Stephen King says, ‘French is the language that turns dirt into romance’. You might not be able to take your valentine to Paris, but you can create your own French romance by learning these few phrases in French.

Good evening – Bonjour
Would you like to have a coffee? – Voulez-vous Prendre un café?
It was nice meeting you – enchanté


Hindi’s popularity as a romantic language increased due to the abundant number of romantic movies and songs from the Indian film industry. These films and their soundtracks have received global recognition with foreigners performing (either singing or dancing) numerous Hindi songs in weddings. While learning the complicated dance routines or lyrics might be time-consuming, you can still impress that special someone with a few phrases in the Hindi language.

Hello – namaskar
Would you like to have coffee? – aap kuchh kophee ke lie jaana chaahate hain?
It was nice meeting you – aapase milakar achchha laga


Arabic is an enchanting language that is both powerful and graceful. There are unique words that capture emotions and feelings that we experience in our daily lives and relationships. There are 10+ words for love in Arabic, and the most common word, ‘hubb’, comes from the same root as the word ‘seed’ – i.e that which has the potential to grow into something beautiful. (We told you this was the language of poetry…)These words sound just as special and different as the meaning they try to convey. Here are some Arabic language phrases to help you get started.

Good evening/Hello – marhabaan
Would you like to get some coffee? – hal targhab fi alhusul ealaa bed alquhwat?
It was nice meeting you – tasharrafat bimuqabalatik


Tagalog language is one of the languages of  the Philippines (albeit, a standardized version) and is inspired by Spanish and English and to an extent even Arabic. A language that is derived from three romantic languages should surely feature in this list. Here are a few Tagalog phrases.

Hello – Kamusta
Would you like to have coffee? – Gusto mo ba ng kape
It was nice meeting you – natutuwa akong makilala ka


Spanish language has a very stylish and sensual sound. Spanish has softer consonants and longer vowels than Germanic and Slavic languages which help speakers make their words flow together more easily. The variety of accents and dialects make this an interesting language to learn and court someone’s attention. Try your luck with these Spanish phrases.

Good evening – buena noches
Would you like to have coffee? – Quieres un café?
It was nice meeting you – Encantada de conocerte


The Russian language can often put off those looking to learn a language simply because of the difficulty associated with it. Russian is an enigmatic language with phrases and words that describe emotions and situations no other language can. The complexity of the language adds a touch of mystery to it and combined with the rugged sounds of the language, it can be very attractive. Here are a few phrases to get you started.

Good evening – Dobryy vecher
Hello – Zdravstvuyte
Would you like to have coffee? – Vy khoteli by poyti na kofe?
It was nice meeting you – bylo priyatno s toboy vstretit’sya


The Turkish language might not be the most conventional romantic language out there. But there is a mystery and charm to the Mediterranean tongue. Why not equip yourself with some Turkish phrases in case you meet your SaltBae.

Hello – Merhaba
Would you like to have coffee? – Biraz kahve ister misin?
It was nice meeting you – tanıştığıma memnun oldum

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!


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