7 of the Greatest Olympic Moments from Around the World

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics are officially one year away! If you’re itching with anticipation for the World’s games, here’s a little fix to tide you over for a bit!

Having historic roots, these games bring together the world for a few weeks every few years. The Olympics are a statement of politics and showmanship, a battle for the title of the best!

Over the years, the world has watched countless stories of victory and defeat, they’ve seen some nasty falls and breaks followed by a gold medal. These moments are often remembered forever.

Here are seven of the greatest Olympic moments from around the world;

Hermann Maier’s Crash – 1998

Austrian skier, Hermann Maier was the victim of a horrible crash during the 1998 Winter Olympics. After the horrific went onto come home with two more medals after his crash. 

Jesse Owens’ 1936 Summer Games Victory

Jesse Owens was an African American track star visiting Hitler’s Germany for the Berlin World Olympics. Owens proved to Hitler and Hitler’s supporters that he was more than the color of his skin when he took home four gold medals. 

Derek Redmond – 1992 Summer Games

The crowd was reminded of how strong a father-son bond can truly be when Redmond’s Father ran onto the track to help his son finish his race after he tore his hamstring. 

Korean Unification Flag – 2018

At the 2018 Winter Games in Sydney, Australia – North Korea and South Korea unified to compete under one flag, taking the best athletes from both countries. This was the first time the two countries have done this since 2006. 

Kerri Strug – 1996

At age 14, Kerri Strug tore two ligaments during her routine. Strug’s USA Gymnastics team was tied for first place, so she carried on with the competition and won gold for her team!

Kurt Angle – 1996

Kurt Angle brought wrestling to the forefront of both the Olympics and the 90s. How? Simple. He wrestled for the USA and brought home gold, all with a broken neck!

Miracle on Ice – 1980 Winter Olympics

The Miracle on Ice story is one of the underdogs, the Russians had dominated the entire series and had a very experienced team. This team of college kids rallied together to bring home the gold.

What are some of your favorite Olympic moments? Let us know in the comments below!

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