7 Adventures for the Thrill Seekers in France

Who says France and Paris have to be all about the romance? France has so much more to offer outside of the lovely restaurants and scenery! Here are seven ideas of things for you to enjoy, whether it’s alone, with your partner, these thrills in France are sure to please;

7. La Plagne Olympic Track

athletes-bobsled-bobsleigh-38631TIME FROM PARIS: ~6 hours

Although the main event at La Plagne seems to be the bobsleds in the winter, your trip won’t be spoiled if you’re going in the summer. If you’re into bike riding, you can rent a mountain bike (electric or not) and enjoy the beautiful mountains! This is also a fantastic option if you’re traveling throughout Europe, as La Plagne is close to both Switzerland and Italy.

6. Le Manoir de Paris

chair-creepy-door-40748TIME FROM PARIS: In Paris’s 10th District, 15 minutes by car, 40 via Metro

If you’re TRULY a thrill seeker or horror lover, this is for you! With multiple different experiences to choose from, horror lovers are sure to be pleased with Le Manoir De Paris. However, be warned this walkthrough haunted house is intense and not suggested for those who have a weak heart, are pregnant, or epileptic. Plan accordingly!

5. CN19 Glisse

fun-man-nature-46537TIME FROM PARIS: In Paris, activities take place on the Seine river.

From March to December you and your friends can participate in some awesome water sports in Paris on the Seine river. This is a fantastic summer option and looks to be an extremely unique experience. Who doesn’t want to water ski on the most famous river in one of the most famous cities in the world? Reservations are required so be sure to book quick!

4. Carisiolas Adventure Park

fun-man-nature-46537TIME FROM PARIS: ~1.5 hours drive

Carisiolas Adventure Park offers EVERYTHING! This is truly an opportunity for everyone to be happy and is the perfect distance for a short day trip out of the city. Here, you’ll find tree climbing, archery tag, orienteering and escape the room games. Additionally, this park has an educational aspect based on medieval times, including farm animals roaming the property which the kids will love! Carisolas is one of the most sought after thrills in France!

3. Paraglide over Chamonix

action-adventure-airborne-461596TIME FROM PARIS: 6-hour drive, 1-hour flight

Looking to conquer your fear of heights? What better way to do it than to paraglide over Chamonix with breathtaking views below. However, keep in mind you will be in the air for about 20 minutes total which may feel like forever if heights make you feel uneasy. You will be accompanied by an instructor which makes this activity available for all, even beginners.

2. Tour Paris on Quads

adventure-atv-atv-trail-910623On this tour, your guide will drive you through the bustling streets of Paris on a quad bike, while giving you an amazing tour. You’ll manage to miss some of that brutal Paris traffic you might have hit if you were on a bus. This experience only costs 50 euro but anyone between the ages of 9 and 15 must be accompanied by someone over the age of 16.

1. Zipline through Paris

Zip line at Eiffel Tower

For a limited time only, you can zipline from the Eiffel Tower and takes you half a mile away. This zipline will last for approximately a minute and goes about 56 mph. This zipline was set up by the popular beverage brand, Perrier to celebrate the French Open.

Brush up on your French or enroll in a short French beginner course before you travel to make the most of your thrilling experience in France.

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