5 Places You Must Visit in Germany

Best known for its fast cars, famous Oktoberfest and fairytale castles, Germany has many surprises to offer even to a seasoned traveller.

In this post we will be giving you an insight into the best places to visit in Germany and what makes them an absolute treat to experience.

1. Berlin


The Reichstag building is a historical edifice in Berlin, Germany

Berlin being the capital city of Germany and a federal state, was divided by the historic “Berlin wall”. After the demolition of the historic wall, Berlin is now the capital of diversity, nightlife, and culture.

Berlin has many famous historic structures that attract tourists, such as:

The remains of the Berlin wall, Reichstag, and Brandenburg Gate.

2. Munich


Carousel he Reichstag building is a historical edifice in Berlin, Germany

Oktoberfest? Of course you’ve heard of it! The famous beer festival that happens every year in Munich which include insane amounts of beer and the great Bavarian food. Munich has a lot to offer, besides the festival, Munich has one of the most sophisticated opera houses including the National Theatre. This city links history to modernity in all aspects, from Shopping centers to royal palaces, and from century old churches to perfect nightlife.

3. Rugen Island


Rasender Roland steam train runs between Putbus and Göhren on Rugen Island, Germany

Germany’s largest island, It’s been a seaside resort since 1818 and is one of Germany’s top vacation spots. Rugen Island has two national parks and a former royal residence and the outstanding castle on the beach.  The most attractive sights are Jasmund National Park, famous for its unique chalk cliffs rising 528 feet (161 meters) over the sea, and Cape Arkona, where you can visit an old lighthouse, remnants of a Slavic castle.

4. Cologne


Roman catholic cathedral in Cologne, Germany, is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Cologne has more than 2,000 years of history. Cologne has a few must visit museums such as the Museum of Applied Art, the Museum Ludwig, and the almighty Chocolate Museum. Besides that you will find ancient Gothic churches to Roman towers as well, beautiful churches trust me!

5. Ramsau


Roman Scenic summer day in Ramsau, Germany

Ramsau is famous for its high mountains, including the third highest mountain in Germany, Mount Watzmann (2713 m), and for the Lake Hintersee. Looking for peace of mind, beautiful scenery, and fresh air?

This is the only place to be! Ramsau is surrounded by the Bavarian Alps, take a minute and admire the beauty.

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