5 Great Ways to Learn Languages Online

Have you always wanted to learn a language but simply didn’t have the time to attend classes and lessons? It’s now easier than ever to learn a language. Have you ever thought about practicing languages online? Here are five great ways you can learn a language on your time!

5. Youtube

Youtube application screengrabYoutube has a video for basically anything – from how to perfect the French nasal vowels to advanced Swahili! It has a wealth of informational videos but you will need to have some patience as quantity doesn’t always mean quality!

You can access Youtube videos for learning languages on LingoTube.xyz. With LingoTube you can learn languages for free through pedagogically organized Youtube videos from the world’s best online language teachers. No more spending hours on YouTube searching for videos! Simply choose the language you want to learning languages online!

4. Foreign News Websites to learn languages online

An integral part of truly learning and appreciating a language is immersing yourself in the culture. A great way to keep up with the culture is to read a newspaper or magazine online in the language you’re studying.

There are websites, such as this Libguide from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that list specific Spanish news websites, categorized by the Spanish speaking country they originate from. You can now pick up on small dialectical differences between various areas, as well!

3. Podcasts

Sharpen your listening skills by downloading a podcast in the language you’re learning. The greatest thing about a podcast is that you can listen while you’re doing pretty much anything. Sitting in traffic? Standing in line at the Post Office? Grocery shopping? Why not throw a podcast on!

Learning a language doesn’t have to be sitting down and studying grammar for 7 hours a day, professionals actually suggest otherwise. “The goal is to be surrounded by the language at all times,” Matthew Youndel, Babbel ambassador told Business Insider.

2. Connect with Other Fluent Speakers to really learn languages online!

There are many apps dedicated to language exchange, such as Bilingua. These apps allow the user to connect instantly with a native speaker from a multitude of countries who want to help teach their culture and language. Bilingua also acts as a language companion, offering games to keep users engaged and enjoying the learning process.

1. Buy One – Give One!

If you love the idea of strengthening your skills, while helping someone else learn at the same time – look no further than Cudoo.

Cudoo.com offers language courses (amongst many other types of courses,) and for every course completed they give one to someone in need. This way you can feel good about what you’re learning while you’re giving back all while learning a language online. 

Have any other great websites, apps, or suggestions? Please leave a comment below.

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