10 Reasons Why A Trip to Lebanon is A Must

Lebanon, a 5000 plus-year-old country, with a population of over 5 million people, is located in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean sea on one side, and Israel and Syria at the other. This small Mediterranean nation forms a fascinating connection between the West and the Middle East; of tradition and modernity; of Christianity and Islam. It’s where family, religion, and culture are equally important and play an important role in peoples daily lives. Lebanon, as often described by travelers, is one of the favorite countries to visit and it is especially popular with families. It features breathtaking scenery, majestic ancient ruins and magnificent mountains which are covered with snow during the winter and gets people to pursue their favorite activities, such as skiing and snowboarding. While in summer you get to explore the beautiful coastline, which is filled with beach resorts for you to have a nice swim and have a relaxing tan under the beautiful sun. The Lebanese are an open-minded, indomitable group of people that welcome anyone and everyone into their homes. They are extremely hospitable and demonstrate their love and respect to others by way of their glorious national cuisine. Eating in Lebanon is tied to family, people almost never eat alone; they always prefer a gathering at the dining table. The Lebanese consider eating out as a social experience and restaurants are usually filled with families and relatives getting together for a feast. Restaurants usually offer a pleasant view, of which Lebanon’s geography provides many. Besides all that, Lebanon offers one of the best nightlife experiences around the world. Lebanon is an Arab country, therefore, the language spoken is Arabic with a Lebanese Dialect. Schools in Lebanon teach English and French as well so it is easy to communicate with the Lebanese people if you’re not fluent in the Arabic language. Lebanon is a beautiful place to visit when you’re on a vacation. It offers many entertaining events and beautiful places to visits. For the young, the teenagers, and adults. A country filled with day and night activities. Go ahead and plan your next vacation to Lebanon and experience a one-of-a-kind trip.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you must visit my city (Beirut)!

  1. The nightlife scene is a unique experience
  2. One of the most historical places
  3. Food doesn’t taste the same anywhere else!
  4. Major fashion capital of the region
  5. A beautiful sense of humor shared by the population in general
  6. The rise of beautiful contemporary art
  7. Exquisite hotels and restaurants
  8. Beautiful mountain scenery
  9. A culture all about self-awareness and honesty
  10. Roadtrips you’d never forget


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