10 Game of Thrones Dialogues You Can Use Everyday!

A bestseller and now ranked one of the most popular TV series of all time, Game of Thrones has left its very prominent mark in the literary and cultural world. With the series comprising some stunning one-liners, the dialogues are equally famous and quoted often.

Read on for our top 10 phrases from the show that you can use in your everyday English conversations to seem like a total Thronie!

Winter is coming

winter-is-comingThe motto of House Stark, and also a daunting nod to the long winter that is to come with the Night King and his army of wights. The phrase may be used to indicate a frightening impending task or event.

Example“Winter is coming,’ said the teacher to her students as she displayed the schedule of the coming exams on the board.”

Sweet Summer Child


Somebody who is naive, untested, or young. They have never had to face the harsh realities of the world, such as a winter lasting years, terrible wars, etc.

Example – “On his first day as an intern he felt like a ‘sweet summer child’ wandering through the busy office room.”

Mummer’s farce

A way to describe something as a sham or mockery (a “mummer” is a clown). Used in Game of Thrones usually to tell others to stop their nonsense.

Example – “Tony was yelled at to stop his ‘mummer’s farce’ as he was distracting the whole class with his antics”.

Words are wind

A phrase similar in meaning to “actions speak louder than words”.

Example“You say you love me, Jamie, but words are wind. Prove it!”

Fear cuts deeper than swords


Originally stated to Arya Stark by her fencing instructor Syrio Forel as advice when facing enemies. The phrase translates to being fearless in the face of adversary, no matter what that may be.

Example“Kate was reminded by her father that ‘fear cuts deeper than swords’ before she went up on stage for her poetry recital.”

It is known

Used often by the Dothraki to indicate something that is common knowledge.

Example“Within the community, ‘it is known’ that bringing dishonor and shame to the family name would not be tolerated.”

Blood of my blood

The style of address between Khal and blood-rider. A blood-rider is a Dothraki warrior who has pledged his life in the service of a khal: his blood is considered the khal’s own blood.

Example“Tom and Mary decided to spend Christmas with the ‘blood of their blood’ instead of their work acquaintances.”

Dark wings dark words

A saying about messenger-ravens, referring to the fact that such urgently delivered messages are often bad news.

Example“Dark wings, dark words,” she thought to herself, as she opened the letter her university had sent to her, a mere 4 weeks after applying.

The night is dark and full of terrors


A saying used by worshippers of the Lord of Light as a prayer of sorts to fight the evil of darkness. The Lord of Light is the god of fire, which provides light, heat, and life.

ExampleHis mother repeatedly warned him about the night being dark and full of terrors but he did not truly understand her words till he was mugged on his way back home.

You know nothing

A way to describe someone who is ignorant about the way the real world works.

ExampleHe walked into the interview full of over confident swagger only to be told that he knew nothing and to have his ideas bashed down.

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, check to see if you recognize these High Valyrian and Dothraki phrases from the show.

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